Chapter 22: Rachel

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599th sol - 20:00

John went and knock on the Commander's door. "Enter" he replied.

We walked in and all but Matt were shocked.

"Hey guys! Miss me?" It was a tall, dark haired girl. She had a mild tan and stormy gray eyes. John recovered first.

"Lexa, what are you doing here?" He asked her.

"Woah woah woah, hold up, WHO are you?" Matt asked. now a little confused since he noticed we all knew her.

I answered him. "Remember the story I told John when we were rescuing him to prove it was us? Yeah, that's Lexa." I said and pointed. Then I turned to Lexa. "Lexa, meet your replacement!" I said cheerily.

"LEXA!!!!!!" Lily yelled as she rushed forward to hug her.

"Lily!!!!!! You haven't changed a bit!" She said as she hugged her back.

"Where have you been?!?! You never responded to any of my messages!" Lily said.

"Well, I think I better let the Commander explain that." She said, turning the attention to the Commander.

"Thank you Lexa, Dragons, we have some things to discuss." The Commander said. "Please, take a seat." There were a few chairs that we sat down in, John and Matt ended up standing. "Lexa never had to leave because her grandparents said no, she was send to a different academy." 

The Commander went on to explain that her parents had actually died. Before that though, she had been under close observation from the SO's. She had advanced at everything we had done in basic and was setting military records. They hadn't told her or us because they wanted to pull her out after basic and send her to the the 27th academy. Apparently it was a special place that they trained the best soldiers in the military to specialize in different fields. Some went on to be commanders, others inventors, pilots, field commanders, squad commanders, etc. Basically, in the words of the Commander, "All the best leaders have gone to this academy". Every famous squad or war hero has gone here. 

Apparently, Lexa set records in almost every category except the actual leadership portions. "So, let me get this straight," Lily said, "You went to an academy for leadership and failed the leadership portion?" Lily giggled, poking fun of Lexa.

"Oh shut up!" Lexa said. "I did my best and I didn't technically fail, I just didn't set any records." Lexa shot back with a big smile.

"Whatever, I bet you're dying knowing you weren't the best there!" Seth jumped in with a big smile.

"Man, I thought I missed you guys at the academy but geeeeeeez, I'm starting to miss that place!" Lexa shot back, still grinning. 

"Excuse me," The Commander jumped in, "this conversation is getting a little off track. The reason Lexa might not be as pleasing to John and Rachel."

"Why?" John asked. 

"Well, I am aware that you and Rachel both share command pretty evenly in your squad but Lexa is now in charge of your squad." The Commander said.

"What? Why?" John asked again.

"Well, your squad is the best on this base and she used to be part of your squad. Additionally, we are putting her in command because she went to the academy. Speaking of that, none of you can ever share any information you've heard here about Academy 27. It is all confidential and should you tell anyone, you will be court marshaled with acts of treason. Understood?" The Commander asked.

Everyone chorused "Yes sir."

599th sol - 21:00

"So! Tell us all about back home!" Lily said. Before Lexa left, Lily and her had been like two peas in a pod. They were near inseparable and after she had left, Lily had been devastated. Now, it's like she never left and they're giggling and talking again just like before. It's kinda cute actually. 

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