Chapter 30- I'll Never Forget You

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Lydia's POV
"How's Haley? She must have felt awful after Stefano's death." Wesley asks, I look at him confused. "How did you know about that?"

"I was his guardian, just like I am yours. He unfortunately was one of those who ignored the process and was stuck here for good-"

"Wait. Are you saying he's here? As in right now?" He shakes his head, I sigh. "He was able to move on. Your mother was my guardian, she told me that I should stay and watch over you and Stefano. She was a great woman."

"Why are you telling me this? Are you trying to get me to stay here with you, my mother and Stefano? Because I can't! I promised I would protect them and I can't leave them now!" He shakes his head and starts to get defensive.

"Aide stop getting so defensive! I'm trying to help you forgive yourself! The whole reason you are here right now is so you can come to terms with your past and forgive yourself. You blamed yourself for your moms death. You blamed yourself for what you thought was Roses death. You blamed yourself for my death, and now you're blaming yourself for putting your friends in this situation. But you need to stop!" I start getting angry. How dare he?!

"You don't think I've tried? You don't think that every day that goes by I try to convince myself that none of it was my fault? I went to therapy for that shit! I almost killed myself because I felt so guilty for your death! So don't you dare tell me that I haven't tried to stop blaming myself!" I shout at him, he chuckles.

"You think you have it all figured out? Nothing is easy Adrianna! Some things you just have to cope with and you're not going to be able to leave here until you cope with it." He grabs my hand and all of a sudden we were in the hospital. Brandon and Piper were crying.

"It's all my fault Pipes. I could've protected her." Brandon says in between tears, I shake my head. He can't blame himself! It's my fault.

"No. You can't blame yourself!" A tear falls down my face as I shouted at him, Wesley shakes his head and grabs my hand. "They can't hear you. I know you love them, but maybe it's time to let go." Wesley says, I glare at him and pull my hand away from his.

"I'm not giving up without a fight." I went to look back to Piper and Brandon but instead I found myself in the safe house with Vince and Haley. She was crying hysterically.

"She can't die. I can't do this on my own!" She cries, Vince shakes his head. "She's a fighter. You know that more than anyone, she's going to be okay. She's going to keep on fighting."

"The doctors said there's a 50 percent chance that she will wake up. Odds are never in our favor Vince and I'm petrified." She starts holding her stomach and realizes she's bleeding, I scream.

"NOOOO!" Before I could reach her, we were back in the old house. "You can't help them Aide." I turn to Wesley and start punching him.

"Why are you doing this to me?! Is this some sort of punishment for everything I've done? Or is it some scheme to get back at me for letting you die?" He doesn't respond, I chuckle. "Wow. Well I guess I've got my answer. The fact that you think I would let you go sickens me-"

"You did let me go! You moved on!" He shouts while clenching his fists together. He has some nerve to be getting mad. "I loved you with everything I had! I tried reviving you and so did the doctors! I even gave you my blood but the doctors told me it was no use Wes because you were already sick! You never told me that you were dying. I loved you with everything I had and after your death I tried killing myself multiple times and that only made things worse. I had severe depression and anxiety and I learned to deal with my PTSD! You think that was easy for me? You think letting you go was easy?! Letting you go was the hardest thing I ever had to do, so don't you dare punish me for something you lied about Wesley!"

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