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I opened my door, and yelled out my girlfriends name. I didn't get an answer. I shrugged and walked towards the kitchen. Than I heard footsteps running down the stairs and the front door open and close.

"Amelia?"I yelled. "Hey babe. Sorry Cassie needed a little bit of girls time. Mike broke up with her"she yelled back and walked into the kitchen.

"Oh. She didn't want to say hi?"I asked. She shook her head. "Emma called and there was an emergency at work in their area"she explained and kissed my cheek. "Sucks that her and mike broke up. She ok or?"I asked. "She's doing better. "She nodded.

"So how was meeting the new niece?"she asked. "She's so adorable,can't wait for you to meet her"I smiled.

"I'm excited to. Your brother and Castiel are the only gays that deserve kids"she laughed. I gave her a look.

"Sam don't give me that look. I don't like gays. But I'm trying to make an exception to your brother and his husband. I promise "she kissed me.

I shrugged. "Still I have friends that are gay"I told her. "Yeah Charlie, your brother and Castiel. So many"she laughed. I laughed to.

"Whatever, by the way Castiel's brother, is visiting"I said losing my smile. Me and Gabriel did not have a good past.

"Him? God I hate him, why is he coming?"she wondered. She started to get cups out.

"It's his niece to. Can't argue with that"I shrugged. "Still. Stay away from him at he party. He might try to turn you gay"she got some water and started walking to the living room.

"Time to binge some shit"she laughed. I smiled.

"He might try to turn you gay"

I couldn't help but feel hurt as she said it. There's also no way I can stay away from Gabriel Novak.

One, he will follow me.
Two, I don't want to stay away

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