Back to School

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The Alpha King 25

Chapter 25- Back to School


"Does this place look familiar to you?" Blaine asked next to me.

"Nope," I replied I knew that we were in school, but the thing that got to me is that no memories came back into my head.

"Okay well then I'll meat you after every class and show you all your classes," Blaine said grabbing onto my hand as the half bell already rang and he went to some class and then kissed my cheek running to his class.

I looked around trying to see if anyone looked familiar I saw Shelby and started walking towards her she was sitting in the back I sat down next to her. "Hey," I said.

The teacher started saying something while Shelby and I were both passing notes throughout class "Shelby and Paisley I think you guys should go first for our project since you guys aren't paying attention," She said.

I looked at Shelby who was looking at me "Don't look at me like that I don't remember anything," I told her.

"Yeah well I think we forgot to do the project," Shelby said walking up to the front with me behind her.

"Where is your project?" The teacher asked.

"We forgot about it," Shelby said.

"This is the second time that this has happened one more time that you guys don't do it I am going to send you guys to the principles office," The lady warned us "You guys should go outside and wait until the bell rings, because I don't want you guys to be a distraction to the other students while their presenting their projects," She said.

Shelby and I picked up our backpacks and went outside She;by started laughing as soon as the door closed "Shelby that's not something to laugh about we could have gotten into some serious trouble," I told her.

"I know but still I mean did you look and see how mad she was when she was talking to us," She said chuckeling some more.

"I know because I was there," I told her smiling.

"Come on," Shelby said pulling my arm.

"Where are we going I think we're supposed to stay here until the bell ends what if she opens the door and sees us gone," I told her.

"Relax she never opens the door and we're not going to get into any trouble because your the Alpha Kings mate and I'm his sister," She said smiling.

"Well where are we going?" I asked her.

"To see Max and Blaine they have the same class together," Shelby said.

"I guess," I said.

"Are you okay?" Shelby asked me.

"Yeah I'm fine why?" I asked her.

"I don't know I guess becuase before you lost your memory you acted different you seemed more relaxed and spunky and what not and now your all calm and collective," Shelby said.

Was I acting different then before I know I have been acting differently from when I figured out that Blaine was my mate becuase I useally don't talk to people when I move, but Blaine said that Miles was dead.

I looked through the window that Shelby was looking through and Max and Blaine looked at us I saw Blaine raise his hand and soon he came out here and have me a hug "What are you guys doing?" He asked.

"We got in trouble for not doing the project I swear we forgot and then she kicked us out of the class room," Shelby said and then stopped explaining everything when she saw Max.

"She made me," I said pointing at her.

"Relax Paisley you guys have done it before," He said.

"I have?" I asked him.

"Yep and it was for the same reason I think you guys are making a habit to not do homework just to see us both," Blaine said smirking at me.

"We are not we really didn't know well actually Shelby knew, but I didn't," I told him hitting his shoulder.

The bell rang "I guess I should take you to your math class," Blaine said leading me the way. :Just ask Sara where the cafateria is I should be in there you won't miss me," Blaine said as he dropped me off at my class room.

I saw the red hair that stood out compared to the rest I sat down next to Sara . Nothing really happened we just talked and I learned more things about her like that she has a mate and it's this kid names Drake that happens to sit across the whole class room. He rejected her and I said that he was a bitch for doing that and she just laughed at me telling me about calling guys a bitch is funny thing to say.

We made it to the lunch room and I sat with Blaine and Shelby along with Max nothing really happened nothing out of the ordinary we were just talking. Then it was time for our next which happens to be art and then the last class is P.E.

I walked into the class sitting down in front of Shelby watching her paint I grabbed a brush and right when I did I felt something cool go ontop of my head. It was pink and it dripped down I turned around to see Blaine holding a bowl of empty pink paint.

"Blaine you are so going to get it now," I told him grabbing some yallow paint and splashhing it on him I laughed until he smeared some purple paint on me and next thing I new we were having a full out paint war.

"Paisley and Blaine let me see you guys outside," The teacher said sternly while Blaine was smiling I gave him a look.

This is the second time today that I have gotten into trouble "This is the third time that you guys have used art supplies to fight one another and I will not tolerate it the next time that this happens you both are getting suspensions," She said walking inside.

"Why would you do that?" I asked him.

Blaine shrugged his shoulders "I don't know and you don't sit there you sit with me," Blaine said walking inside the classroom with me following him.

"We sit here theres not even art supplies here and everyone else is away from us," I said sitting down.

"That's because we had a fight with paint your first day here and she moved us to the back and we're banned from using art supplies," Blaine said.

"Then why would you pour paint on me?" I asked him.

"Because I want some amusement," Blaine said.

"Okay then use Shelby for your amusment not me," I told him laughing.

The bell rang a little bit after that and soon it was time for gym lucky for us the gym teacher wasn't here so we just sat in the bleachers until the school day ended and then we went home taking a nice hot shower to get the pain off of me. Shelby wouldn't allow me to mess up her bathroom with all the paint so I had to shower in Blaine's.

Just to say that it was strange.

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