chapter five

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i notice that im alone in a dark room i hear squeaking from which im guessing is a rat or a mouse i then hear creaking from which i've heard before it must be a door that was creaking as the door started to creak i hear a deep voice a male's voice,a males voice which i have heard before but from where i don't know,i feel a cold blade touch my neck and the voice says to me "you make one wrong move and its all over,one small wrong move we brung you here for a reason and you must fulfil that reason,i wish i could kill you now but i can't,not yet anyway...." at that sentence my body decides to shiver as my body decides to do that the blade cuts part of my skin but not very deep so the male figure opens the door as he does it creaks as it had done when he opened it to come in he then whispered "we know everything about you Y/N"as he says my name i try to scream but not a single noise came out the door slams and i feel a liquid dripping slightly from my neck as that happens i wuickly hear someone calling my name "y/n..y/n...Y/N"as the last one was basically screamed at me i move and as i do im in a different place im on my sofa with taehyung next to me as i awake i scream "I DIDN'T EAT THE PIZZA" he looks at me confused and i just giggled in relief knowing it was just a dream as i turn to taehyung i become shocked at how close our faces are it becomes awkward he turns away and says "i..... should leave"
(A few hours later)
I get a text off an unknown number i read it aloud in my empty home it read 'hey its taehyung i got a new phone'i replied quickly with 'oh hello' he then started to type i swear he typed this message quicker then he has ever typed a message it read 'i was thinking we could make nicknames for eachother' i replied with 'sure I'll call you 4D alien jk jk' he replied with 'oh well I won't tell you what i was going to call you' i type as fast as i ever could my message read 'tell meeeee~~~' he then started typing and his message made my heart beat faster my stomach feel tingly and it made me squeal it read 'i was thinking girlfriend' all i could think was did he just ask me out i never got around to responding i then got a text from an unknown number again saying 'hello Y/N,i will find you and take you and no body will notice if they do they will not care ~love from your secret admirer~' my breathing begun to accelerate and i begun to panic,thinking that im not safe in my own home i immediately message taehyung sending him a screenshot of the text he panicked and text in all caps saying 'DONT WORRY ILL BE THERE ANY SECOND YOUR STAYING WITH ME'i dont know why but at the thought of staying at taehyungs house with taehyung made a wave of heat rise to my face and it made me feel all tingly inside THIS IS NOT THE TIME Y/N why now why does taehyung have to be so perfect as i think that there is a ring at the door i hesitate to awnser but I eventually do when i hear taehyungs voice say 'shit its to late' i run to the door and he looks at me and he leans close to me and his lips smash onto mine as we kiss i scream inside he makes me feel crazy i feel him smirk as we kiss after we kiss he says 'you worried me so much Y/N' hearing him say my name sends my heart crazy i feel a wave of heat rise to my face i say his name without realising it "t-taehyung"he responds with "yes my sweetie pie" i look at the ground to hide my blush and i say "y-you k-kissed me" he then says "yep did you enjoy it" i blush and respond with "y-yes" he then lifts my chin up and holds my face in his hands and looks if im hurt in any way he then holds my hand and says "lets go" before i can ask to get clothes he pulls me out of my apartment he then says "Y/N may i ask you something later" i respond with a nod resembling the word yes he then pulls me into his black Ferrari with blacked out windows so nobody can see who's inside,he looks at me and says "i have plans for us today" i just look at him and think about the last time i stayed around taehyungs i then hear someone I don't know talk to me and say "Y/N nice to meet you im hoseok but call me hobi" him saying that brang me back to reality I then respond saying "oh its very nice to meet you hobi,i see you already know my name" he giggles and says "taehyung speaks about you alot"i blush at him saying  that and i turn my head to taehyung and i kiss his cheek and he smirks at me at that moment hobi laughs so loudly and i just look at him confused and he says "taehyung your smirk was so funny"i look at hobi and respond with "I don't agree with that"hobi looks at me and gives me a glare which gives me shivers I'm not sure if i like hobi taehyung notices the glare hobi gives me and whispers "dickhead" i get worried thinking maybe hobi made taehyung take him some where as we arrive at taehyungs hobi tells taehyung to go inside without us and we would catch up taehyung went inside and as he did hobi grabbed my wrist and pulled me into taehyungs car and he hotwires it and takes a gun out of his pocket and says to me "one wrong move pretty girl and your life will be taken from you"
This chapter was 1070 word i hope you enjoyed what a twist luv ya all ~brace~

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