~13~Trent Bakol~

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Jadens pov

It has been two months and I've seen Draco once. There was a kid who died from food poisoning from somebody yesterday and everybody thought it was me because he was by me and I hate him. I ignored everybody as they shoved me and threw books and ink and called me stupid names. I had enough when Trent Bakol stepped in front of me and started mimicking me. Avry,Harry,Ron and Hermione all across,everybody stopping to see what he would do.

''My boyfriend is going to die by a snake!''

''I'm so perfect and pretty,oh that's Avry!''

''new kid is hotter than you!''

''Draco doesn't like a stupid Halfblood like you,its all over you!''

''you idiot!''




Everybody started laughing and I stared Trent right in the eye.

''what you gonna do loser? Your boyfriend isn't here to protect you this time. And you have no friends!''Trent laughed.

''shut up..''I mumbled.

''no wonder nobody is your friend,your a retard! Not even Harry likes you and y'all are related!''Trent roared.

''Dudley? Gonna fight him? Draco? Gonna kiss him and punch him in the bloody face?''Trent narrowed his eyes as everybody roared with laughter.

''I said stop.''i growled and he opened his mouth,I punched him in the face as he groaned,holding his face and I kicked him in the nuts as he grumbled,standing up as his nose bleed badly,he swinged at me and I grabbed his arm and twisted it,kicking his legs as he collapsed against the cold ground,he grabbed my leg and tripped me,I fell and almost got up when he kicked me a few times and punched me in the face until I heard two other people fighting with Trent as I lied on the ground,blood pouring out of my head and I coughed blood,I got a glance of Draco and Avry attacking Trent before he ran off. They both helped me up and Harry was staring at the group of three,they brought me to the hospital wing and I lyed on the bed,madam pomfrey giving me some medicine and bandages and she left again,I layed there and watched Avry and Draco have a conversation.

''thanks for helping me Draco.''Avry thanked him again.

''no problem..--''he showed a thin smile before it disapeared again.

''do you think we can be friends?''Avry asked as they both stared at me as I stared at the ceiling.

''of course,do you think she'll be okay?''Draco asked,worried in his tone.

''I'm pretty sure. It's okay.''Avry smiled.

''she's gone through so much..''Draco sighed.

''I bet..''Avry mumbled and I felt tears streaming down my cheeks as I remembered what has happened before.

~~FlashBack 1 ~~

Draco and I argued and yelled at eachother. I felt myself crying during the process.

''you don't understand! ''Draco turned around,slamming his fists into the wall.

''I dont Draco,but I know how loosing people you love feels. I f!cking love you,don't you understand? ''I cried.

''I love you too,but Potter? He doesn't love you. He didn't stick up for you all those times he laughed!''Draco yelled and jerked around,pinning me against the wall as we gazed at eachother. His grey eyes burning with anger.

~~FlashBack 2~~

I screamed when Julia was lying in the lake,dead. Blood stained the clear water as the lake started changing colors to bright red. Draco tried to stop me as people crowded around,I used a vine charm and got Julia to land as I grasped her,her eyes dull and I sat there by her body,crying as Draco was standing behined me.

~~Flashback 3~~

I yelled and screamed and cried as Bellatrix carved words all over me. I screamed for my brother and my friends and Draco--.

She kicked me and I lied there,my eyes sucking the light out of me as Draco stood by his parents,wiping his eyes so he wouldn't be seen crying. I layed there with HalfBlood written all over me.


I snapped back to reality,sobbing and Draco and Avry were frantically standing by the bed and I hugged them both before they left and I got up,walking to my dorm. I wasn't supposed to leave yet but I wanted to sleep before I got killed. I hit the bed and automatically fell asleep,dreaming about darkness.

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