Chaper 11| The panel

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This chapter was very very difficult to write since I had to go into detail about the feelings and chemistry from both sides. Never the less it won't disappoint :)


The room scatters with wild alike dressers and designers, all rushing to different places as if the floor was lava. I roll my eyes in amusement as they zoom into Sadie in front of 7 people, all holding up brands of shoes that she still won't choose. Typical.

"Millie look over here," One of the makeup artists says, I turn my head slightly as she highlights my cheeks, another hand on my eyelashes applying mascara.

"Millie, what do you think sugarplum?" Spencer, my usual fashionista that dresses me up before any social event says. In his delicate hands lays a very snazzy, gold sequence dress with a very low V- neck.

I shake my head as I keep my chuckles within me, "Spence- Fifteen, not 25" I nod with raised eyebrows. Spencer starts shaking his head as if he suddenly agrees.

"Okay, more innocent then! Be right back babe" He says as he darts past the crowd, I chuckle softly.

He suddenly emerges again with another dress in his arms, this time it looks less revealing, my eyes scan it up and down. It's a deep red silk dress with a thin black snazzy belt, the top of the dress is lacy and slightly see through but all together gorgeous. I nod my head in approval as Spencer starts jumping in the spot.

"I'll find the best shoes to go with it!" He exclaims as he skips away. Nerves start racking inside of me, panels don't usually make me so nervous and I don't get anxiety often but the thought of being with Finn in front of a camera and about a million people watching where I have to watch what I do or say concerns me.

After what seems like hours of preparing, we finally get to the backstage of the panel, everyone is in except for Finn, apparently, he'll be late due to traffic.

"Okay" a girl with a sweet smile says as she looks down at us, "Remember, no swearing, no spoilers and if you feel uncomfortable with any of the questions, the safe word is serve, the interviewer will know not to go into detail further" she explains.

We nod our head in approval, suddenly hearing a loud applaud as our names are being called onto the mic.

"Introducing- Noah Schnapp, Sadie sink, Millie Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Finn Wolfhard" The representer from beyond the curtain booms down the mic.

I take a deep breath as two people pull the curtain apart, revealing the sudden bright lights and loud cheers and claps, we all start making our way to the panel, to the seats with our names at the front. I look at the seats only to find out I sit in-between Noah and Finn. Great.

We all take a seat and put on our best smiles, "Well guys, how's it going?" The presenter in a suit says on the mic.

"Good" we agree together.

"Unfortunately the duffer brothers couldn't be here, and Finn will be arriving shortly, but there are plenty of questions and people dying for answers," The presenter says nodding his head.

"Let's get to i-"Caleb says before getting rudely interrupted.

"Ladies and gentlemen- Finn Wolfhard!" He exclaims as the audience start clapping, I turn around to see Finn walk through the curtain, his lips stretched into a forced smile. He looks so uncomfortable.

But then again Finn hates bright lights and big audiences, it triggers his anxiety attacks. He takes a seat beside me, not daring to make eye contact in front of the cameras.

"So Finn- how's the job treating you" The presenter instantly says as soon as Finn sits down.

"Good" He manages to croak out.

"You could be such a great porn star with a name like that" He says seriously, startling even me. The audience starts bursting into fits of laughter, Finn suddenly looks uncomfortable but clearly doesn't show that.

"Let's move onto the questions, Garry" Finn chuckles slightly, the audience laugh at his response.

I keep my eyes on Finn, how can he take that? The presenter should be fired on the spot!

"So we'll start with Noah," he says pausing, "All throughout season one you've been constantly bullied by the supernatural, with being kidnapped and whatnot" The presenter jokes getting another set of laughs from the audience.

"Do you think series two will treat you good?" He says.

"Well," Noah says leaning onto the table to the mic, "I cannot say since it will kinda spoil the whole season but, I feel like season two will definitely be challenging for Will" Noah answers with a smile.

He nods asking Noah a few more questions, I force myself to nod and laugh and actually engage although I'm already bored out of my mind.

"Millie" The presenter says, hurdling me back to the present, "Over to you. Many of the questions are based on the main ship of the show- mileven" His voice croaks over the mic, it takes all my courage to not glance over at Finn.

"Mileven are currently separated, the whole fandom is currently having a breakdown from their farewell and even I found myself tearing up at the scene. Practically the whole fandom wants there to be a reunion" he continues."So to Millie and Finn, can you say anything about season two Mileven?" He asks.

I take a deep breath, "Well, without spoiling it, I feel like the fandom are in for a bumpy road on the Mileven lane, but it won't disappoint" I try to say without saying anything I'll regret.

"Will there be a kiss?" He insists, his quick response leaves me in slight shock and paranoia.

"Unfortunately we cannot say" Finn manages to say on the mic, I dare to look over at him to see he's already staring at me, my eyes drop to his fingers. He's fidgeting like mad.

Oh god.

Oh god, oh god, oh god...

He's going to have an anxiety attack.

"And Millie and Finn" His voice reminds me that our eyes are still locked. I mentally slap myself, that was on camera!

"With the rumours whispering about a ship offset, what would you say to the fillie fandom" he dares say, my heart starts thumping out of my chest. Oh god, what the hell was that safe word?

"I think rumours serve purpose only to twist things around, me and Finns friendship is great and our onscreen relationship is even better" I manage to nod, emphasising the word serve.

But clearly the representer is keen on the juicy details, "And what about the rumours of you and singer/songwriter Jacob sartorius?" He booms down the mic, my blood freezes as I physically feel my heart beat quicken.

Suddenly, without warning, Finn abruptly pushes his chair backs and jogs off the stage, the whole panel falls into silence.

Don't run after him, Millie don't run after hi-

"Sorry if you'll excuse me" I speak into the mic before pushing my chair back and running off stage in front of literally hundreds of cameras, on my way to none other then- Finn.


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