~12~Harry and Draco~

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Jaden's pov

I sat on the train as it was about to leave,I was alone in a compartment as Draco walked in and shut the door.

''hi Draco!''i smiled and he smiled back.

''ello. Excited?''He guessed.

''of course! Its Hogwarts for bloody hell.''we laughed,

''how was your summer?''he asked.

''stupid. We almost died multiple times. Dementors almost killed me and Dudley. Stupid Dudley started making fun of Harry. Aunt and Uncle hate us too so.''I shrugged.

''my summer was okay. Better with you,''Draco added slowly and I grinned slightly.

''my brother has a new girlfriend. She's a second year. Avry Lynn?''I raised my eyebrow.

''yeah,she's a Halfblood. Her mother was a Ravenclaw and her father was a gryffindor. Seems like she got Gryffindor after her father.''Draco explained,seeming kinda disgusted although he was learning how to be kinder still. But I couldnt do much.

''oh. She's been friends with Harry for years. I've known her for about 3 years.''I added and Draco showed a fake smile.

I noticed he was faking it but I didn't say anything,we stayed silent for a few moments and Harry and Avry came in and sat,Draco moving beside me.

''hey guys!''Avry had a huge smile on her face as me and Draco showed her fake smiles.

''how are y'all? Cute couple!''Avry squeaked and me and Draco blushed in embarrassment.

''we aren't dating.''I told her.

''yet..''Draco mumbled and I jabbed him in the side as he winced.

~~Hogwarts. A week later.~~

Draco was acting strange. I was sitting with Hermione,Avry,Harry and Ron at an table in Potions. Our least favorite class and Draco's favorite.

''what's up with your "best friend?" ''Hermione whispered in my ear and I glanced over by the door where Draco was standing there while Harry was talking with Lucy. She had gotten hexed. Avry and Harry turned around and Draco looked at everybody in the eye and turned and started swiftly walking off,I glanced at Harry who was about to go after but I tripped him by "accident" to tell him not to and I ran after him,Avry and Harry of course,following.

''bloody idiots.''i growled and we peeked into the boys bathroom,Draco looking at himself in the mirror helplessly.

I glanced at Harry and Avry quickly as Avry was grasping Harry's hand and I mumbled something and turned back to Draco quietly. He took off the grey vest he had on and had his green tie and a plain white dress shirt. I tilted my head as he turned on the water,letting it run as he washed his face off,splashing as water droplets landed everywhere. It was pretty hot,I had a line of sweat beads across my forehead.

''w--''Harry covered Avry's mouth and she stayed silent. Draco started crying? He was crying? Why?

Harry walked out,leaving me and Avry back,Draco noticed Harry and looked through the mirror

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Harry walked out,leaving me and Avry back,Draco noticed Harry and looked through the mirror.

''Draco,I know you hexed Lucy.''Harry spoke up as Draco shot around.

I narrowed my eyes as Draco got out his wand and waved it at Harry as Harry ran into the side,both of them ducking under the stalls and Draco aimed for Harry again as they both moved quickly as they were fighting eachother,Draco shot around the side.

''Sectrumsempra!''Harry flicked his wand as Draco blasted back,crying again. I gasped and me and Avry came out of hiding and I shoved Harry,bending down on the ground as Draco lied there,blood appearing through his shirt as he struggled to stay alive,i whimpered quietly and tried to help. Harry and Avry bolted and I Snarled quietly.

''don't go--''Draco told me as is stood to go get help. I bent down as I held his head,crying myself.

''I wanna look at you for my last minutes.''Draco gazed up as I wiped my cheeks,but more tears came.

''Draco I need to go get help..--''I whispered.

''no,I'm fine..''Draco whispered and I buried my head into his chest.

Draco layed there,barely alive and I didn't leave. Professors and Dumbledore ran in quickly,and Madam Pomfrey already started using healing things and I disapeared.

I layed In bed and stared at the ceiling.

I love Draco. He might not feel the same but I don't want to loose him. He's all that cares for me. Harry just is too busy with that b!tch ((sorry Avry. I'll like you soon. 😂💞)). I cried until I was into dreams.

Please be okay Malfoy..

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