{Scarlett's POV}

Over the past few days Alara has came and gone. I've been learning quickly and tremendously. I guess having an end goal really did help in picking up the pace. Though today she didn't come, something about her and Evan fighting, so I was stuck in a meeting with Christian and the only and only Jackson Hudson aka Alpha Jackson. 

"We should use the anaconda strategy," Jackson said writing some things down on the notes before him. 

"The ana-what?" I asked and he let out a deep sigh looking to Christian. 

"Does she have to be in here?" He asked and my jaw dropped. 

"Jackson..." Christian said in a slight warning tone and Jackson rolled his eyes holding his hands up. 

"Alright, alright," Jackson mumbled and looked back at me and leaned forward. 

"It's one of the best strategies for war ever created. If you have the means to do it and you know it will play out in your favor, it works well. In short terms: the Americans used it in their civil war they had many years ago. It means just what it sounds like. What does an anaconda do to its prey? It wraps around them and smothers the life of it. We do that. If we can get a general area of where the hunters are held up and get on all sides of them. We slowly go in and start taking over. We divide and conquer. Simple." Jackson tossed his pen on his notes leaning back in his chair. 

"I like it," Christian said nodding his head in agreement. 

"And if the plan fails?" I asked and Jackson cocked a brow. 

"My plans never fail." He told me and I scoffed. 

"You clearly can't know-" Christian cut me off. 

"Scarlett." He warned and I sighed. 

Apparently Jackson and I "banter" too much, as Christian calls it. It's what happens when you put two stubborn people in a room together. 

"I'll meet with Mason when I get the chance and discuss this all with him. I'm sure he'll be on board with the whole situation." Jackson said and Christian nodded standing. 

"Just let me know." Jackson got his things together and stood to shake hands with Christian. 

"I'll be in touch." He said and walked to the office doors and left. 

"So, what is on the agenda for today?" I asked and Christian shrugged. 

"Everything has been taken care of for today. That meeting was all that I had on my schedule." He concluded and sat back in his chair and motioned for me to come to him. 

I stood from the couch I had perched myself on and walked over to him. Christian pulled me into his lap once I was in his reach and I let out a squeal as I fell onto it. He chuckled wrapping his arms around me. 

"Look at you," He said turning me sideways and placed a hand on my stomach. "You're both already growing." He said staring at my stomach with awe. 

Goddess, I love this man. 

"We need to get you to see a doctor and check things over. Especially with all the things that happened recently." He said and I nodded. 

"You mean... where you told me you were going to stop a gas from breaking out but failed to mention that Alara put a protection spell on you and I watched you die thinking you'd never wake up? Is that what you're addressing?" 

"Are you ever going to forgive me for that?" He asked and I thought about it. 

"Hm, probably not." 

"Well, I haven't forgotten about you coming to the field like a maniac. You could have gotten yourself or our unborn child just as hurt." He pointed out and I cocked my head to the side. 

"Yes, but if I wouldn't have come that gas would have gotten out and we would have been screwed. Protection spell or not." I shot back. 

"Point taken." He mumbled and I let out a laugh. 

"That's what I thought." I grinned wrapped my arms around his neck and he caressed my stomach. 

"Please don't be a pain in the ass like your mother," Christian spoke and I gasped. 

"Christian, how rude." He chuckled at my features and brought my hand around his neck up to his lips placing a soft kiss there. 

"You know I love you." Was his defense and I rolled my eyes. 

"I hope the baby is a pain in the ass," I replied lifting my chin a bit. 

"I don't know if you realized or not but the baby would also be a pain in your ass." 

"Whatever I'm done with this conversation," I said not able to think of anything else and he let out another laugh. 

"Got ya." He winked. 

"You may think that but you don't get any loving time from me for awhile," I said matter of factly and he squinted his eyes. 

"Is that so?"


"I'll see about that." He said trailing his hand down my thigh and I was quick to grab it. 

"Stop. You are-"

"Sexy? Hot? Charming? Irresistible? I know, love." I glared at him. 

How is he always good with comebacks? He's been around me too long. 

"Now about my punishment..." He said leaning in closer and I tried leaning away but he only tugged me to him to where our lips are centimeters away. 

"Was I a bad boy?" He asked and... that was it for me. 

Yep, I gave in. Punishment went right out the window as I crashed my lips to his aggressively causing him to let out out a satisfied growl.





Christian's back...back again. 

^If you singed that I love you. 

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