{Scarlett's POV}

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Christian asked me as I peered through the window waiting for her to show up. 

"Christian, I trust her." I told him with a sigh. 

"Alara was a powerful, deadly witch. She fell into black magic and it nearly destroyed her. What's to say that she didn't retreat back to that?" He countered and I turned facing him. 

"Because she has her mate back after ten years. She knows where she went wrong. She knows that she took it too far. She and Evan both did, and they both paid for their wrongdoings. Let bygones be bygones, Christian. It's been ten years, it's over." I all but snapped. 

"The doctors said you needed to be resting and relaxing for the next few days, so please stop worrying about me and go lay down. I do not want something to happen because you're too busy stressing over nothing." I told him and he rolled his eyes. 

"How am I supposed to relax when a woman, who tried to kill all wolves with black magic might I add, is coming to my home to teach my pregnant wife more magic? How is that supposed to sit well with me at all?" He asked and I closed my eyes. 

Relax Scarlett, do not bite his head off. Do not throw something at him. You are calm. I reopened my eyes and gave him a small smile. 

"I can feel every inch of me buzzing with power that I don't know how to control yet. What happens if I hurt you, or worse, what if I hurt our baby? What will you say then? She is teaching me the art of control. Over the years she's mastered it. You have to let her help me. The rest of our family coven is dead. There is no one else to teach me the truth about our bloodline's magic. You can monitor the whole thing if needed, but please, Christian, let me do this." 

He looked to be having an internal battle with himself but finally gave in nodding. 

"Fine, okay. I get to stay in the room though, okay?" I nodded.

"Fine, if you must," I replied turning to the window just as a car pulled up. 

"She's here," I spoke excitedly making my way downstairs. 


"I can't do it," I spoke almost pouting. 

Alara chuckled. "Scarlett, just sitting there and waving your hands isn't going to do anything." She joked and leaned over. 

"Watch what I do. I think about healing the flower. I think of the beautiful red the rose used to be. I think about the life that used to thrive through it, and... boom, a rose." She said and my jaw dropped at how easy she made it look. 

There was a dead rose, and if I did it correctly, I could bring it back to life sort to say. I could make it the beautiful, smelling flower once more instead of the crispy, dry dead one. 

"I've also had years of practice and a mother to teach me," Alara said leaning up against the table. "It takes time, but I'm sure you can get the hang of it. Think about how this can affect the war! You need to have an end goal when learning. Something to strive for. It will help you get the hang of things quicker and more efficiently." She suggested and I nodded. 

If I could master this gift I've been given before the war... I could help out so much. Alara and I both could. 



"You're helping in the war aren't you?" I asked and she looked down. 

"Usually it would be a sin for a witch to help the wolves, but what I did to them so many years back... I can never be forgiven for that. I got into something that sucked me dry of any humanity, so I guess its one thing I can do to help... redeem my and Evan's name. If that's even possible." She thought dryly. 

"What made you come back to your humanity?" I couldn't help it...I was curious. 

"Evan getting taken away from me and Christian putting me into a facility that witches worked with me to get the dark magic out of my system. I still hold the power of it, but it's not dark you could say. With my pride, I hate to admit this, but if it wasn't for Christian I'm afraid things could have turned very badly. In a way I guess I could thank him for what he did, I'd never tell him that though." She said with a small smile. 

Only if Christian was in here to hear that. He left after the first our when he saw how she was truly trying to help me and everything was okay. He told me to call to him if I needed him and headed off to his office. 

"You didn't get taken away like Evan though?" She shook her head. 

"Oh, I did. They just thought that Evan corrupted me and then put me in that facility that helped me through the days. Witches came here and there. I was brought back to my humanity piece by piece and the ache of missing Evan only helped. They placed a horrible title on the Malevolent Pack as ruthless killers, me as a corrupted luna, and Evan as a malicious man. The names about the Malevolent Pack are...hurtful in a way. We are known for being ruthless people...but before the black magic, it only used to be towards our enemies. Evan and I ruined that pack's name and yet they still worship us as their powerful Alpha and Luna. It's a long story about the truth of the pack that is for another day."

"So, when Christian took Evan... the pack still remained?" She nodded. 

"Christian put a new alpha and luna he trusted and knew in charge. They reshaped the pack. Created a new Malevolent Pack I guess you could say. But not many knew about it." 

"What about when you two went back? What happened to the alpha and luna?" I asked and she shrugged. 

"Christian told them we were coming back and the willingly gave the titles over. I don't think our members liked them much anyway." She said letting out a laugh. 

"So the people aren't...bad?"

"No. Well...some were. Evan and I had an inner circle and after the black magic practically brainwashed us we ended up brainwashing them. We all convinced people what we were doing was okay and that the people we...went after...was enemies and they weren't. I'm disgusted even thinking about it." She answered. 


"Because, Scarlett, our family members were lunatics. They slaughtered one another for power and I vowed to never be like them, but I only let myself become just like them."

"My mother...was she like that?" I asked. 

"No, the opposite actually." She stood up squaring her shoulders. 

"That's enough for story time. Let's get back to our practice." She said and I furrowed my brows. 

She didn't like to speak about her past.

"Yeah, okay," I mumbled and turned back to the flower. 

Here goes nothing.



I know... crazy right?

Well, like I've said... I hated how this book ended so its currently under reconstruction and I am adding more chapters to give it a better flow into the next book. 

I hope you are excited!

There won't be a lot of chapters but there will be maybe three or so:)




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