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"Matts, please come swim with me." I whined, giving him the best pouty look I could in order for him to give in to me. 

"I don't like the ocean. I've already told you that." He said, pulling his hat over his face, as he stretched out on his beach towel.

"Fine. Be like that." I said, my tone falling as I stood up and walked towards the ocean. 

I went and joined Steph and Mitch who were wading in the warm water and talking. 

"I'm gonna third wheel. Matts is being an ass." I sighed, as I laid back, floating on the water.

"You're the one who just had to agree to be his girlfriend." Mitch chirped. 

"Shut up. Can't you just be happy for me?" I asked.

"I am really happy for you, Fin. Out of all the guys I know, and all the guys you've dated, Matthews is your best option. But it's gonna be a shame when I have to kill him if he hurts you." 

"Literally so overprotective." Steph rolled her eyes. 

"So are you coming to Thanksgiving, Mitch?" I asked.

"I can't. I wish I could, but my mom would kill me if I spent another holiday away from her." He shook his head.

"God, this is gonna suck isn't it?" I asked Steph, a frown forming on my lips.

"We'll get through it, and just think, you get to go home before I do." Steph reassured me.

We talked for awhile, before I got tired of the water, and headed back over to the beach. As I got out of the water, a frisbee fell at my feet in front of me. I picked it up, and offered it out to the guy who was jogging over to me.

He was cute, but nothing special. He was skinny, but not buff like Auston. I could tell he thought he looked better than he actually did, but his confidence was charming.

"I am so sorry. My friend sucks at throwing frisbees." The guy smiled at me, taking the frisbee back.

"It's okay." I smiled back. "I do too." 

"I'm Brad." He offered out his hand.

"Finley." I Shook his hand.

The whole thing was awkward but there was no reason I couldn't be polite.

"So are you here on vacation, or do you live here?" 

"Vacation. Just a quick trip before having to deal with family." 

"I totally get it. If I had to deal with my whole family on Thanksgiving, I would be miserable." He chuckled.

"Fin, we're going." Steph yelled, from up by the towels.

I looked over, and everyone was packing up our things.

"I gotta go. It was nice to meet you." I smiled kindly at him.

I went up and grabbed my things, and pulled on my cover up, all while wondering where Auston was at. I followed Steph back to the van, and Auston was in the back, headphones in, and sunglasses on. I went to the back, and sat down next to him. His arms were crossed, and a scowl adorned his face. Was he mad at me?

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