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     The tour had taken all of first and half of second period.
Jack had felt numb. He was speechless. And he had no idea what was even happening right now.

Finn was in his class. On his phone as usual, even though Finn knew he would most likely get in trouble, he still had done it anyways.
Finn had his headphones in as well listening to his music.

   Jack ran his fingers through his hair. "What the hell is happening?" He kept repeating to himself-in his mind of course, not wanting to look crazy.

    It was lunch by now. Walking into the cafeteria most of the time it would be hard for you to find a spot a sit. But to see Millie, she fit in just fine. Already almost friends with half of the juniors.

    Jack glanced at Millie here and there and went back to do what he was actually doing. "Why is she back?" Jack asked turning to Wyatt. "I don't want her here." Jack crossed his arms.
   "Sucks for you." Wyatt shrugged.
      "Wyatt, you're supposed to be helping me here." Jack looked at Wyatt with a slight glare.
     "Sorry, but what's your big fuss about her? That whole thing happened like forever ago." Wyatt looked at Millie at her table then back at Jack.
      "Because..because-it's Because Finn was just starting to talk to me again, and now that she's here..I-" Jack sighed. "It's gonna get all ruined."
  "I thought you didn't want Finn to talk to you..? Weren't you upset that he apologize now?" Wyatt asked, confused.
     "You legit can never keep up." Jack huffed. "Look-I'm into Finn still...but I fucking hate him so much-with his cute dumbass self.." Jack said smiling slightly.
    Wyatt sighed and shook his head   "Alright so let me get this straight..-"

   "Finn! You heard that your ex is back?" Jaden asked running up to Finn, who was siting at his usual lunch table.
   "What?" Finn looked at Jaden and rose his eyebrow.
   "You heard me correct you curly headed kid..-Millie is back." Jaden said as he took a seat the the lunch table.
    "Like you're being deadass..? Not just one of your stupid little shit pranks you pull-if it is I swear-"
    "It isn't! Look-she's over there." Jaden looked at a table that was mostly filled with girls, Finn looked where Jaden had been looking..and to Finn's surprise, Millie was actually there.
     "No shit.." Finn whispered to himself. "Wait-does Jack know about her coming back?-"
   "Forget Jack, bro. You can get Millie back now." Jaden said with a shrug.
       "Forget em' Finn."

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