Thanks dad

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I'm gonna rant about my dad

Btw I didn't spellcheck this and I didn't read it again to make sure it makes sense

One more thing before the rant: PANIC HAS A FEMALE BASIST NOW THAT DALDO LEFT
Her name is Nicole Row

So we were eating
And I bring up Palaye because he doesn't even know what kind of music they play he agreed to come to the concert so we wouldn't leave him alone that day
And then I bring up Warped Tour
And I complain that I can't go because America
But there's also a Canadian date. It's July 17 th
And then we start talking about the future and stuff and how I should move somewhere else after 18 because there's like no way I could actually do something in Romania
It's a shitty system
And I agreed because I actually want to do something with my life, not have a job that I wake up every day hating and wanting to bang my head on on the wall because if every day
And I don't feel comfortable with the people here. I feel so bad walking in the streets and everything
So we got back to Palaye Royale and told them they'll have a tour in Europe some time (they tweeted some flags)
And then he tells me that he and mom are going to his place to watch Grimm (it's a tv show. I want to watch it too but I haven't really been in the mood to watch movies and tv shows lately)
(Ok I think it requires some explanations. They live separately. But they're still a couple. They live in the same block of flats. He's on the 11th floor and I live with my mom on the 5 th. So they're at his place now)
Ok so it's obvious he isn't interested in this anymore. He doesn't want to talk about Palaye.
My mom was checking out Sebastian's Twitter on my phone when he said this.
So I feel that he tried to be interested and he just couldn't anymore
But I just feel shitty that he pretended. He should've just told me.
And it was all fun until that point. We talked we are it was all fun
But that moment just made me ugh

Now I have to study. It's 10 pm and I wanna bang my head on the wall. Only 3 more tests and I can relax

And then I need to panic for the final exams at the end of the year

Someone hug me

Evening Wear // ifRead this story for FREE!