Part 21~To hell and back~pt.3 of 3

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~~~Sup guys just a heads up, there is some gore-ish things up ahead so just prepare~~~

After what felt like hours we finally came into a huge room

{(Y/N) POV}

The room was pure white with thin glowing yellow lines running toward a huge monitor at the end of the room. I slowly backed up until I hit a wall behind me "W-where did the wall go?! we walked in here right there" I said in a panic trying to not freak out. "oh no..." google said eyes wide, terror filling inside of him. "Whats happening Google? Where are we" Ash asked eyeing him down with a concerned look. "We are in his 'charging room' " Google replied slowly. "Whats a charging room?" I asked dumbly. "It's obvious, (Y/N) its where Bing comes to charge himself and do alot of updates. So in other words its like his bedroom" Google says in a fast reply. "oh...." i say embarrassed at how obvious the answer was, because of the name.

Suddenly we see the Monitor turn to all static and we hear a evil and somewhat glitchy laugh.  Then we see no other then Bing, on screen, recording himself from what appears to be another white room. " YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN KILL ME JUST BY RIPPING A FEW WIRES OUT?!?! WELP YOUR FUCKING WRONG BECAUSE I 'repair' MYSELF AND 'fix bugs' MY BODY COMES ACROSS!!" Bing screams showing the hole in his back slowly being repaired by itself. I start to tear up "Please let us out of here! " I beg him. Yet he only seems amused by my actions, so he just laughs at my pain.

{Anti POV}

I look at the stairs with a worried look in my eyes and start walking down them. "Uh maybe we should think about this before running down a dark fucking stairway in a psychopaths hideout" Mark said, stopping me in my tracks. I turn to face him slowly. "(Y/N), Ash, and even Google could be down there, scared and alone. And if there is a chance of that I'm going down to find out, so I'm simply going to give you one chance to answer me. Are you coming down with me or not?" Anti said looking around at mark and dark. they just simply nodded their heads, and we walked down the stairs and down a long hallway with twists and turns that made it hard for us to even know how far we have went. But we kept going, for (Y/N) Ash and Google. we soon came across a pure white door "Guys I think this is it" I said "welp there is no other way to go so we have no choice even if it wasn't the right way to go" Dark said with a raised eyebrow. I rolled my eyes and opened the door to see Google and Ash crowded around (Y/N) who was crying "(Y/N)!!!!!! I'M HERE!" I yelled running over to her.

 She looked up at me and started to run to me tears streaming down her face, but as we ran toward the center of the room a thick see through panel arose in the middle of the room separating us. I ran over to the panel and started to bang on it (Y/N) just stood there with her hands on the panel staring at me, tears still going down her face. Out of nowhere Bings face appeared on a huge display screen on my side of the panel "I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU GOD DAMNED SON OF A BITCH!!!! YOU HEAR ME YOU FUCKER!! I'M GONNA MURDER YOU!!" I screamed my eyes going completely black. I looked over to see Dark's eyes go black as well and mark cracked his knuckles knowing he would have to fight. Bing just stood there a smirk plastered on his face, then he started to glitch and then he was gone off of the screen. "AHHHH!!!" I hear (Y/N) scream, I turn around to see her with a knife in her leg and Bing behind her.....

{(Y/N) POV}

Suddenly i feel something stab into my leg making me scream, I look down to see a knife shoved into my leg and coming out the other side. Blood trickling down my leg coming through my jeans I then notice Bing behind me licking blood off his fingers. I try to limp away from him but he grabs me by the neck and holds me close to him. Ash and Google run to help me but with the wave of his hand Bing caused a whole bunch of glowing yellow wires to shoot at them and tied them up tightly. "Now that they are tied up, and she is in my grasp, how will you hurt me hmm?" Bing said slyly. i stare at Anti in the eyes and try to read his face but there is no emotion in his face at all, he just looks like he is about ready to kill everyone.

Bing slowly trails his hand down to my leg and puts his hand on the knife handle "W-what are you doing? no stop" I stutter out he looks at me and back to anti, Bing then twists the blade in a circle making more blood spew out of my leg "AGHHHH!!" I scream even louder and almost topple over but Bing catches me and makes me stand up, one hand on my waist another on my neck. Anti then runs over to the panel the fastest I've seen anyone run ever, black smoke  emitting from his hands he then blasts the panel with his smoke and crashes through it. Mark and Dark run over to Google and Ash And untie them. " Awe no fair its five against one... lets fix that shall we" Bing says then a few seconds later a whole bunch of clones of Bing appear from the ground and start to charge at Anti and the rest. Bing loosens his grip on my body, because of how distracted he was with watching the fighting going on.

 I take this chance to elbow Bing in his still healing chest and run into the middle of the fight. Seeing Anti fighting a Bing clone I quickly limp over to it, Rip the knife out of my leg and stab the Bing clone in the neck  causing it to topple over, i fall over and sit there holding my leg and try to hold back the blood already leaking out. Anti crouches down to me and hugs me tightly, but quickly removes himself and rips a piece of cloth from his shirt while tying it on the wound. Anti then picks me up and starts to walk over to a wall and sets me down. "It's okay (Y/N) I'm here for you, everything will be okay" Anti whispers to me while cupping my face in his hands. "GOOGLE!!" Anti yells alerting Googles attention "Get over here and protect (Y/N) I have to deal with this wire filled trash can" Anti's eyes go pitch black again and he runs over to Bing while Google walks over to me and examines my leg

{Anti's POV}

I run at Bing with incredible force and slam him against a wall trowing punches left and right, black liquid coming from his mouth. Bing punches me square in the jaw and makes me just hit him more. Bing then kicks me in the groin and starts too punch me, holding me up by my collar. I take alot of hits but soon grab his fist and twists his arm backwards until a few sparks fly and his arm snaps off. I throw the arm across the room and kick him to the floor. "GUYS C'MON LETS GET OUTTA HERE" I shout running over to (Y/N) picking her up bridal style and looking around the room to see Mark, Dark, and Ash all beaten up running toward us, with countless Bing copies lying dead on the ground. "But what about the real Bing he is still there....just hurt" Ash questioned. But with the snap of Dark's fingers the real Bing was gone "W-where did he go?" Mark asked us."Ha don't worry about that Mark, you really don't wanna know" Dark spoke with a sly wink to me

{Bing's POV}

I was laying in my charging room trying to fix my arm when I'm teleported to a hot pink room, inside a cage. I look around the room to see a familiar face across the room leaning up against the wall staring at other than the Willford Warfstache. "Well hello there and welcome to my humble home sir, I hope you find your stay enjoyable, because you will be here a long long time" Wilford said pulling out a knife from his side..........

~~Time skip to when you and everyone is back home and their wounds are treated cuz im lazy~~

{(Y/N) POV}

Anti, Google, Ash, Mark, and I were all sitting on the couch when i noticed Ash staring at me, in a way that told me that I should tell Anti something, and I know what that something is. I stood up off the couch slightly limping and looked at everyone "Hey guys I have an announcement for everyone, well almost everyone" Ash and I giggled at that, something Id thought I wouldn't be doing for awhile. "Well anyways I have to tell you guys that I'm, pregnant" I say blushing. Anti's face lit up at what I said and he practically jumped in the air and ran to pick me up and kiss me longingly "I'M GONNA FUCKING BE A DAD" Anti screamed out at everyone "God damn Anti I didn't know you had it in you" Dark chuckled while patting him on the back, "GOD YES I'M GONNA BE A METAPHORICAL UNCLE" Mark yelled while picking Ash up and kissing her, but Ash just rolled her eyes and kissed him back quickly before she walked over to me and hugged me deeply "I'm so proud of you (Y/N) you made it through this hell and it got you here. I'm honestly so happy for you" Ash said calmly with a warming smile......


FUCK YEAAAA okay so here we are after the hell but there is about one or two more chapters to come before I end this book and start a new fanfic....which btw what fanfic do you guys want next? Because Im thinking Markiplier or Jacksepticeye or fuck it maybe even crankgameplays lol just tell me because I'm planning on typing more often hehe. Welp as always imma go, its easter vacation and I have some gaming to do *finger guns away*

                 ~Author Chan

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