Self Control

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I laid on the bed in a pair of silk matching purple and black bra and panties reading a very interesting book, it had been a whole week since our moment in the shower, which never progressed, much to Atesh's dismay. Not only did he not get him some, I haven't so much as kissed him after that day. In my opinion he needed to learn self control and I would make sure he knew it.

I broke out of the books world as I heard the bedroom door open, revealing a shirtless and sweat drenched Atesh. He came in and slammed the door only to freeze as his eyes landed on me figure. His nostrils flared and his pupils dilated as he looked at me with more than desire. He looked like a bull ready to attack and I was the one waving the red cape at him.

"Good evening, my love, you seem to have your day full of work." I smiled as I slowly sat up giving him time to watch my every move.

"How you tempt me," Atesh growled stepping closer to me, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"I'm not doing anything, I'm just reading this book, how is that tempting you?" I asked crossing my legs, out in front of me as I set the book aside.

"You now exactly what I mean especially since you haven't so much as touched me in a whole week, and you've been walking around our room in the most appealing of clothes, if not nothing at all." He kept moving toward me until he came to a stop at the foot of the bed.

"Can't a woman feel sexy?" I asked with a sigh.

"As your mate it is my duty to make you feel sexy and beautiful and everything else, but I can't do any of that if you don't let me touch you." Atesh growled climbing on his hands and knees toward me on the bed, until we were nearly inches from each other’s faces.

"Well as my mate you should also know a little bit of self control, no?" I replied mimicking his accent.

"I can't help it, when your ever word and movement tempts me, to make you mine over and over again" He licked his lips brushing my lips lightly with his tongue in the process.

"You see I could never deny you what you want, no matter when and where you want it, I may make you wait but never too long." Atesh began to nuzzle my neck, inhaling my scent causing me to shiver with anticipation.

"Atesh!" Came the knocking and calling of the two females who Despised me the most, I did my best to avoid them and being in the same room with them, they are trouble waiting to happen.

"What!?" Atesh growled using the back of my knees to pull me down low enough to end up laying beneath him.

"nous avons besoin de votre aide faisant nouveau treehouse pour les gamins." Erica and Ebony called in unison.

"I'll be there when I'm done resting" Atesh growled in English.

"What do they want now?" I asked becoming annoyed at how often those two had something for him to do or to say to him, like they wanted to keep us apart.

"They want me to help build the tree house for the younger cubs, but I've been working for three days straight, my wolf and I wish to be with our mate." He sighed laying between my legs with his chest on my stomach and head on my breast.

"'I always wonder, why do you like to lay on my chest so often, isn't it the woman that should be in the strong mans' arms?" I asked petting his head like a child.

"I like the feel on you in my arms, I also become calmer when I hear your heart beat, my wolf is at peace and so am I." His hand began to snake up from my thigh over my hip and stomach, only to slide under my bra cupping my, now bare to his hand, right breast.

I couldn't help but moan as he fondled my nipple while licking and biting at my neck. I arched my back, forcing my chest further into his hand. My body began to heat up, I had no idea where the sudden flush of heat and need came from but I knew I needed him to do something about it.

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