The Destiny of the Scarlet Chapter 6

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I was following Bianca up the stairs back to the prince's room. She pointed again to the seat that I was sitting in before. She pulled a chair from the other corner of the room sat and took a deep breath.

"Listen. What you did today was very dangerous. Usually my lord would not spare someone so easily. Even if they were new. You mean something to him, but do not expect this to happen again. He was being kind. He is one of the kindest lords that I have ever been with but heed this do not push him. If you did that any other day you would be dead. Now the rules. Number 1 you will always address him as my lord or my lordship nothing else. Number 2 you are to wake up every morning at 6 and do you basic chores then report to the kitchen to do the specialty chores. Number 3 showers are only allowed 5 minutes a day. And when you shampoo only use cherry sent if you don't there will be punishment. Number 4 my lord has many parties so the day of there will be much gathering of blood. You are to serve the guests then get out of sight unless instructed by my lord. Number 5 you are to never deny him or any other vampire of what they want. Number 6 Don't speak unless spoken to and when addressed or called always get down on one knee and place your fist over your chest with your head bowed. Those are all of the basic rules. You will find out the rest as you go. You are to stay in this room in that chair until my lord returns and gives you instruction."

She stood and walked out. I processed everything that was happening.

I was going to be a slave for a vampire prince for the rest of my life.

My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. The prince walked in. I glanced up then got up from my seat knelled and bowed my head.

"At least you remember the rules very good slave you may stand." These commands made me feel like I was a dog.

"You are to be my personal slave you are to do all jobs that I assign you and you are to follow me everywhere unless I tell you otherwise. Understood?"

"Yes my Lord."

"You will be sleeping there," he pointed to a door that looked like a closet.

"Yes my lord."

"You may look at me now." Looked in his eyes. They weren't black or red. They were a baby blue. He didn't look scary. He seemed caring. "What is your name?" he asked me.

"It's Fawn my lord."

"Fawn." he whispered, "Interesting...I've heard it before somewhere." he said it under his breath. "Go to sleep now you will have things to do tomorrow."

"Yes my Lord."

I bowed my head once again before going into the closet room. The room was bigger than I though there was a twin bed a bed side table and an alarm clock on it. Better than I thought.

The prince didn't seem so terrible if you were good. So if I was going to be here forever I might as well make the best of it. The welcome to hell might not be so bad.


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