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Now another day in hell..
Finn was walking to school with a few of his other friends.
While everyone was talking, Finn was on his phone- re-reading what Jack texted last night. Finn wasn't able to stop reading it. But he had to let his hopes go. He knew Jack wasn't going to take him back.

Jack was already in class. "New day, new shit to deal with.." he sighed.

   "Grazer. Do you mind coming up here?" His teacher had asked.
   Jack rolled his eyes and sighed deeply. "I guess.." he said lazily getting up, walking over to his teacher's desk. "Yes, Mr.King?" Jack asked with a fake smile.
   "I need you to do a favor for me. I need you to give the new girl a tour." Mr.King said, focusing more on his papers then he did with Jack.
   "Sure..I guess." Jack shrugged. "Where is she?" He asked looking around the room.
  "Outside the door waiting." Mr.King said, pointing towards the door.
   "Alrighty then." Jack sighed and went out to the door.

     "Hi I guess you're giving me a tour. I'm Millie." The girl said with a smile but then it quickly went away when she saw Jack.
   "Well damn..last time I saw you, you were naked in my ex boyfriend's bed." Jack said with a sarcastic smile.
  "Right..I remember you." She said with a slight nod.
   Every word-her accent just pierced into Jack's heart. It just brung him back to remember what had happened on the day..

It was a few years ago. Finn thought Jack was out of town for a few days for a family get together, just until Jack was able to go home earlier. So Jack had decided to surprise Finn at his house. He had snuck into Finn's house and went up to Finn's room assuming he wouldn't be anywhere else. And then that's when it happened, Jack had opened the door to Finn on top of a girl..When Finn finally saw Jack he got off the girl, as the girl covered herself with Finn's blanket. "Wait, baby I can explain." Was the first sentence to make his heart break. Jack never really felt hurt until that day.•

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