Senses ♡

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Melodi ♡

We're sitting in Taco Bell killing our food. I look up and catch him staring at me. I wipe the cheese from my griller off of my mouth. "What?" I ask, sitting my napkin on the table. "Nothing." he says. "Tell me." I say. "I can't believe we had sex." he says. "You acting like we've never done that." I say. "We were kids then. It was innocent." he says. "It's nothing innocent about sex. Especially two thirteen year olds sneaking in a hotel room." I say. He laughs. "You do have a point. I don't regret losing my virginity to the only girl I can say cares." He says. I smile. "Yeah, at least I didn't lose mine to a nothing ass nigga." I say. "Yeah. Mel, what's up with you and Darrell?" he asks. I smile. I met Darrell through Azeem at one of his extremely wild house parties he snuck and threw. We kinda clicked but I ain't on no relationship type stuff. "We just friends." I say. "Lie again." he says. "I ain't lying. We are only friends. He ain't the one I want." I say. "Who you want then?" he asks. I giggle. "Stay out my business." I say. "You are my business, honey boo boo." he says, snapping. I laugh. "You gay as hell." I say. "What you got against gays? You know my brother is gay." he says. He has a twenty year old step brother. He's gay. His step daddy didn't accept it at all. "Damn, Azeem. I didn't know you would get offended. You know I don't care about that." I say. "I didn't get offended." He says. "Yes you did. But I love everyone. Equality is what I believe in. Coexisting is what I also believe in. I love gay people." I say. He laughs. "You getting passionate and preaching, I see." He says. I laugh. "Shut up, Azeem." I say. He laughs. "I want to go to the movies." he says. "Let's go then. What's showing?" I ask. He shrugs his shoulders. "Who cares?" he asks.

Azeem ♢

Honestly, I have no earthly idea what I'm watching. I just said give me tickets to anything. It's some children's movie. I look over at Mel. She dead sleep. I move my drink out the way then reach over and put my hand on her thigh. "Mel." I whisper, shaking her. She opens her eyes and looks at me. I stick my hand under her shirt and put my hands between her legs. "Quit, Azeem." she whispers. I laugh. "You know you like that." I whisper back. "I thought we were forgetting we ever did that." she says. "We can't ever forget." I whisper. She looks at me funny. "Yes we can. Just don't talk about it." she whispers. "I nutted in you." I whisper. Hell naw I didn't nut in her crazy ass. I pulled out just in time. I just said it to get a reaction from her. "You what?" she yells. I fall out laughing. The people in here are looking at us. "Shhh! Stop talking." this big fat white lady says. "Bitch, you shut up! We paid our money just like everybody else!" Mel snaps. I laugh. "So turn the fuck around." I add. The lady huffs and starts mumbling. She picks her little girl up and walks out. Mad ass lady need to get dicked down with that funky ass attitude. "Come on, Mel." I say. We get up and walk out.

"Azeem, please tell me you didn't really nut in me." she says, sitting next to me on the swing on my porch. I chuckle. "I'd like to believe none of my soldiers made it home from the army." I say. She sighs. "So, you don't know?" she asks. "I pulled out. You still might wanna take that pill." I say. "I did." she says. An awkward silence falls over us. The front door opens and my mom walks out holding two glasses of Kool Aid. "Hey, ma." I say. "Hi." Mel greets. "Hey love birds. I brought you two something." she says, handing us the cups. "Eew." Mel says, as if she wasn't just screaming my name and riding my dick. "Naw, ma. We just friends." I say. "Yeah, Just friends my ass." momma says, walking back in the house. "So, it's eew now?" I ask. "Azeem, I just came to my senses about something. You're my best friend, ok? I can't believe we had sex again." she says. I shake my head. That shit gets on my nerves. "We shouldn't have done it. I regret it." she says, looking down. I blow then shake my head. "Fuck you too then." I say. I walk in the house and slam the door behind me.



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