When an idiot showered

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"Sky!!!" Archer screamed from the shower. It wasn't long until his naked body ran out to the living room, hair dripping with water and shampoo.

"Ugh, cover that shit up, Arch," Skyler said on the living room couch, blocking his view of Archer's manhood with both his hands. "No one needs to see that this early in the morning. Or at any time for that matter."

"No, you have to listen to me! T-There's a girl in the shower! She just came out of nowhere!"

After a moment of thought, Skyler asked, "You're telling me a girl suddenly appeared from thin air?"

Archer frantically nodded.

"And out of all the places, she just happened to stumble into our shower?"

"Yeah, right in front of me while I was so exposed! I know it sounds crazy, but you have got to believe me."

"Sure, sure," Skyler said, though clearly in disbelief. "Well, tell me. Is she hot?"

"What? I-I don't know. I'm gay. I don't care!"

"Come on. Just give me your completely objective opinion."

Archer scratched at the back of his wet, black hair. "Well, I guess she's pretty. But that's not the point! There's a fucking girl in our shower!"

Just then, Cooper walked out of his bedroom, having just woken up. With drowsy green eyes, he peered into the open bathroom while on his way to the living room. "Hey, Sky, did you let another one of your dates use our shower again—Woah, good morning, Arch's penis. Haven't seen you little guy in a while."

Cooper's shameless staring was what finally got Archer to cover the important bits of himself with his hands. "Could you look somewhere else already—"

"Wait," Skyler cut in. "Despite having gone to a party and it being Friday night, I didn't bring anyone home last night."

All three men fell completely silent. However, once Skyler's words had fully sunken in, they simultaneously asked, "Then, who's that in our shower?"

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