(11) Sneeze

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[^^ Liui Aquino 💜]

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You were walking down the streets and made your way towards the Lucky Cat Cafe.

You opened the door, went to through the shop and heard the familiar bell chime.

You smiled as you saw Aunt Cass running towards a costumer, handing them their order.

She turned her head towards the door and saw you.

She smiled brightly and ran towards you to give you a hug, usually the hugs like Honey Lemon's.

She squeezed you more and you gave a grunt, indicating her to stop as you were almost loosing oxygen in your lungs.

“Oh! Sorry!” She apologized, realizing her mistake.

You took deep breaths while putting a hand on your chest.

“It's alright Aunt Cass.” You wheezed out.

“I always have your bone-crushing hugs when I come at the Cafe.” You giggled slightly.

She smiled sheepishly and patted her hands on her stained apron, getting some flour on it that you didn't notice was in her hands.

“Are you looking for Hiro?” She asked, her eyebrows wiggling slightly.

You rolled your eyes playfully and felt your cheeks heat up a bit. “Yeah. Is he there?”

She hummed and looked over her shoulder when a costumer called her.

She looked at you and ruffled your hair which made a groan escape your lips.

She giggled and waved her hand, walking forward to her costumers.

You made your way towards the kitchen and saw Tadashi cooking while his back facing you.

“Hey 'Dashi!” You greeted while waving your hand slightly beside you.

He jumped at your voice and turned around to see you smiling.

“Hey (Y/n).” He greeted back.

He smiled back and continued his work.

Then you made your way up the stairs and into the Hamada brother's bedroom.

“Hiro?” You called his name and knocked on the wall beside you.

“(Y/n)?” His voice questioned not far from where you stood.

You walked towards his voice and saw him in his computer and watching some videos online.

“What cha watching?” You asked as you grabbed a wooden chair and dragged it towards him, plopping down beside him.

He shrugged.

“Just random videos.” He shrugged and turned off his computer.

“And what kind of 'random videos'?” You air quoted the last part.


“Mochi.” You giggled.

He smiled and turned his chair to face you.

“So, what brings you here?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

You put your hand on your heart and feigned hurt.

“Ah.. So I can't visit my best friend?” You asked, glaring at him playfully.

He rolled his eyes and stood up, sitting down on his bed.

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