A/N: Although the protagonist in this story isnt in college, I wanted to convey the message. The video above is a message to all of us to actually be brave enough to take a stand against rape and assault. The psychological effects of such trauma are manifold. Please support victims and help them recover. Everyone is beautiful. Believe in yourself.


The air between them hung thick, Tyler staring at Jade as if she would suddenly jump up and shout 'April-fools'. But he knew that wouldn't happen. He knew Jade was telling the truth, and he could see just how hard she found it to talk about it. A dozen emotions flooded him, and he didn't have time to interpret any of them. Letting himself feel as he may, he just looked into Jade's face, and knew she, too, was trying to do the same thing; to ignore the feelings that filled her.

"Wh-" Tyler cleared his throat inaudibly. "What happened?"

Jade hesitated for a moment, but decided it was better to actually tell Tyler. For years she had held it inside, refusing to talk about it to anyone, not even Brandon, who had been her therapist. Ever time he talked about it, she had numbed herself. Letting herself fall into the charade that allowed her to be as unaffected as she could be. But for some reason, she felt like she could trust Tyler. She didn't know what it was, or why, but Jade had never feared Tyler. He was the only one she trusted enough to be alone with him, probably because she had been alone with him countless times and Tyler had never given her an excuse to rethink about her decision of trusting him. They were alone in the car, living under the same roof, even in the same room at times, but Tyler hadn't even so much as touched her.

Taking a deep breath, Jade wrapped her arms around her knees and looked up into the sky. But it was the stars she saw, and she wasn't sitting on the rooftop with Tyler anymore. She was hurled back in time, back to the night of 7th September 2016.


It was a dark night, darker than any she had seen, and she attributed the thickened darkness to the dark clouds that filled the sky. She was back in her office, bent over her files, working late again. One of the children had been experiencing panic attacks and she wanted more than anything to sure him. She was just like that; not caring how long it took her to be done with her work. She never went home without finishing the task she had assigned herself. The door of her office was open but she heard a knock nonetheless and looked up. Mathew Savern was standing in the doorway, his arms folded across his chest. His brown eyes passed over her, then her cluttered table and then back at her.

"All work, huh?" he said, and Jade smiled slightly. "Have you seen the time? Don't tell me you plan to spend the night here. They should start paying you overtime, but then they'd go broke."

Jade chuckled a little, rubbing her eyes with her knuckles. She had to admit, the late nights were taking a toll on her. The circles under her eyes were more prominent than ever. Not that they made her look any less attractive. She was just as beautiful as ever.

"Actually I was just winding up," Jade said indifferently. "What are you still doing here? Making sure I go home?"

"Correction, making sure you get home," Savern said. "You do know there's a huge storm raging outside, right?"

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