My NASCAR Country Boy

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Tony's POV

  The accident was horrific... I remember hitting something really hard and then my world went black. All of a sudden I wake up in the back of an ambulance with terrible pain in my leg... Damn it hurt so much I wanted to cry but I was too angry with myself. Fuck Tony, now you've gone and done got Christine worried as hell about you. I could feel how worried she was...

  As soon as I got to the hospital, Kevin and DeLana were already there waiting for me. Kevin looked very worried and DeLana was in tears. I was already too far gone to even stay focused. Everything was like a big blur and noises echoed.. Like in that one scene of "Soul Surfer" where Bethany Hamilton gets attacked by that shark. While she's in the ambulance everything is spinning and all blurrified and echoing... That's what it was like for me.

  I wanted to go into surgery right at that second. I knew I had to anyways considering I could feel my leg pounding with pain and dripping blood. They put me in an ICU room and told me to relax. I didn't want to relax. I was angry, I was in serious pain, I was fighting... Fighting for my life... Fighting for Christine... I felt my arm getting stabbed with a needle. As soon as I felt the liquid flow into me, I was out.

  The next thing I knew I was laying there, I could feel someone's hand on mine...Christine...

  "Anthony wake up, please..." I could barely hear Christine say, but then I came to. Except I didn't open my eyes yet. But I did squeeze her hand a bit.

  "Anthony?!" it took her by surprise. I opened my eyes about half way and I knew Christine could tell I was horrified. "Oh Anthony... I can't stand to see you like this at all..." she was already in tears and I guess she has been all night. My poor Christine.. Tony, look at what you've done to yourself and look at her reaction to it... 

  I could barely speak, and it hurt to, but I let Christine climb in bed with me. She stayed on the left side me, good.. I didn't want her to cause more pain in my right leg and she knew she didn't want to either. I managed to wrap my left arm around her, pull her in close, and rested my head on hers. That's when I felt the pain coming back and I could feel my leg begin to throb again..

  "Baby.." I managed to say, which got Christine's attention and she looked deeply into my eyes.


  "I'm sorry.. About this..." my voice was filled with pain, and I was on the verge of tears.

  "Anthony... Don't..." Christine was already letting more of her tears fall.

  "It hurts... So fucking bad..." I couldn't help it but I let my own tears fall, and I also couldn't help but think that I could be dieing but it really isn't possible with a major broken leg.... But I could tell Christine was also thinking that I could be dieing.

  Later on I had finally calmed down and drifted off, and when I woke up it was around 3:30AM. Surprisingly, Christine was still awake but I could tell she looked very tired. I shifted my arm and began stroking my fingers through her silky hair, getting her attention. She looked up from her phone and gave me that smile of hers, and she looked like none of this had happened.

  "I'm surprised you're still awake..." I said, my voice was sleepy, but not sounding painful, thank goodness.

  "Well it's hard for me to sleep, besides, I've been talking to Danica," she said, putting my teammate and the only female NASCAR racer, Danica Patrick, into my mind.

  "Danica? What are you two talkin' about now?" I asked, adjusting myself so I could kind of sit up.

  "She heard about your accident and so we were talking about it until I said I wanted to go to sleep. It hasn't worked so far..." Christine explained.

  "Well, at least you're awake..." I said, trying to smile but I couldn't exactly.

  Christine put her phone back in her pocket and proppe herself up on her right elbow. She looked deeply into my eyes and said "what is your insane mind thinking of now?"

  "Your sweet lips..." I whispered.

  "If only it makes you feel better," she replied.

  "Oh believe me it will..." I said.

  "You're such a weirdo but I love you," Christine said as she grabbed my face and pulled me into her, crashing her lips onto mine. It felt good... And I could hear our song playing in my head. "Take Me Down" by Alabama. It was our song and it always made everything better for us. One thing's for sure, it does put us in a good mood after we have been through bad moods.

  Christine kissed me pretty good for about 5 minutes until she let go. She lied back down and rested her head on my chest, I shifted my arm again and wrapped it around her and pulled her in close again. She drifted off not long after that but it took me another half hour to even fall back asleep. And when I woke up again it was 7:30AM and I could tell the doctors and nurses were ready bto get me prepped for surgery. That's when I saw Kevin and DeLana.

  "Kevin? What are you doin' here?" I asked him, a little confused.

  "Just thought we'd drop by real quick to say hi and see how you were," he said. "DeLana and I are gonna take Christine back to your hotel so she can rest there and we will come back over here when you're done with surgery."

  "Alright. I'm on the top floor of the hotel. Unless you already know what room I'm in," I said.

  "We stayed there last night. But Kevin and I slept on the couch that has the foldable bed. Honestly, that thing is very comfy," DeLana said.

  "Well, I don't care what ya'll do in my hotel room but remember to keep "renting" it until I can go back home alright??" I said.

  "Okay, should we wake Christine up?" Kevin asked.

  "No, don't disturb her, she didn't go to sleep until almost 15 to 4AM. Besides, if we're talking in a normal volume of voices, then she's in a deep sleep," I said.

  "Mr. Stewart, we need to get you prepared for surgery," the doctor said.

  "Promise me you'll take care of her? I don't want her going crazy because I'm not next to her," I said to both Kevin and DeLana.

  "We promise," they both said.

  I shifted my body, grabbed Christine's face, even though she was asleep, I kissed her really soft but really good, let Kevin pick her up and carry her out as the doctors and nurses rolled me out of the room. Once we were out, I looked back towards Kevin who was holding my girl.

  "I love you Christine.." I said, Kevin looked back at me and smiled, he knew I was doing the right thing.

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