Thirteen-Bump Bonding

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 Scott sat on the couch, feet propped up on Stiles, with his phone in his hands

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Scott sat on the couch, feet propped up on Stiles, with his phone in his hands.
Stiles also was on his phone.
"Hey Scott?" Stiles looked up from his phone.
"Mmh?" Scott hummed.
Stiles set down his phone "I was reading Scotty, about the baby."
"And?" Scott looked away from his phone.
"We should be talking to her. So she knows our voice when he comes into the world."
"Yeah." Stiles nods. "Can..can I say hi?" Stiles asks.
Scott looked at him "Come say hi to her Stiles."
Stiles sat down on his knees on the floor.
He licks his lips.
"It's your daughter. Just say hi, Stiles."

Stiles put his head against Scott's bump, then kissed it.
"Hello, sweetheart." Stiles began, "I do hope that you are comfortable in there."
Scott quietly snorted a laugh.
"Do you mind? I am trying to introduce myself to my daughter." Stiles said. Then winked.
"Anyways." Stiles returned to Scott's bump, "Little girl, I am your dad. I am here to love you, which I already do. Protect you. Though you don't have to worry, your daddy, the one whose belly you are inside of right now, is a werewolf. Instant protection,sweetheart."
Scott laughed out again.
Stiles also laughed too "What? She needs to know that you will protect her. You will always be her hero."
Scott rubs his belly.

"We both love you. You are our sweetheart." Stiles continued. "And you have a large family ready to meet you."
Scott smiles.
The Pack was ridiculously excited to meet her.

Since the first talk, it became a routine for Stiles. Everyday after work, he would sit Scott down, and Stiles would begin talking with his daughter.

Mostly nonsense about his day. Scott understands how important these conversations were to Stiles.

"Hey little girl?" Stiles tapped against Scott's bump "When are you going to kick?" Stiles asks.
Scott looked up from his book "I have felt movement. No kicks. Only movements."
Stiles grinned "Really? Where!"
"Only movements. You probably can't feel it Stiles." Scott commented.
"I want to feel!" Stiles pleaded.

Scott moves Stiles hand to his upper bump "I think they feel like toes." Scott says.
Stiles pressed down against Scott's bump.
"All I can feel is her. No movement." Stiles pouted.
Scott laughed "You will start feeling her later on Stiles."
"I know." Stiles exhaled. "Guess What Dad did today sweetheart?" Stiles continued.

Scott was alone today.
"Well, baby. Just us." Scott commented. He brought his hands to rest on his bump.
Scott smiles when he feels her moving "Why do you not move for your dad?" Scott sighed.
She moved again.
"What should we do today?" Scott asks.

Scott ended up in the bedroom, Titanic , with a gallon of ice cream on his bump.
He dabbed his eyes "Rose is a bitch." Scott said to his daughter. He rubbed her bump, and with his free hand scooped another spoonful of ice cream.
"You are a great listener baby." Scott said.

Stiles cams home early.

It was a perk of having, as they explained 'an expecting spouse'.

He expected Scott to be sprawled out on the couch. He was disappointed when Scott was not there.

Walking up the stairs, Stiles hears Scott talking.

He crept behind the door;
"I look like a Buddha. Look at my belly. You are making me stretch out. Will I fit back into my old jeans? They are getting tighter."
Stiles smiled.
"Your dad, I have been wearing his jeans for a week now. I don't think he has noticed."

Stiles of course, noticed.

Stiles walked into the room, Scott smiled brightly "You are home early!"
He laid down next to Scott "I wanted to see my family. And I ordered carry out."
"You are the best husband." Scott praises.
"I know I am. What are we watching?"

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