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Au where the world is black and white until you meet your soulmate.

[Y/n] = Your name
[L/n] = Last name
[Y/a] = Your age
[S/n] = School name

Black and white

Thats all you ever saw, all you ever will see if you don't find your match.

You can't cherish colours or have a favorite.

You can't tell if the sky is blue, it could be orange for all you know.

Black and white are very depressing colours.

You hated it.

You were jealous of every single person who could see colour.
They could see the sky, the grass, the colour of their house.
The colour of their eyes and hair.

You were [Y/n] [L/n], or otherwise known as 'Creep' or 'Scary kid'.
You were [Y/a] and was attending high school at [S/n], a private girls school.

You had a couple of good, close friends. You weren't that great at making friends though, you tried so hard, you really did, but nobody wanted to sit with you because of your personality.

You were quite protective of your friends because you didn't want to loose them, but people always took it the wrong way and thought you were a scary, control freak.

You weren't bullied though, you stood up for other kids, thats how you made a couple friends, they were victims of bullying and felt safe around you.

You had 3 friends, great friends.

There was Lily, she was so sensitive and she was so sweet, you always wondered why people would bully such a kind girl, but realised it was probably out of jealousy.

Then, Elizaveta, (?) She was made fun of for acting like a 'man' but really she doesn't. She didn't really get physically bullied because she always carried a frying pan around.

Now last but not least, Wendy, (Wy) she was usually made fun of for being short, and grumpy most of the time. She usually was verbally bullied but it almost turned into physical bullying, but you stepped in and stopped it.

These friends trusted you with their lives, and you trusted them.

So here you were, sitting in class, bored, but then the teacher announced
"Class, today we have our brother school coming over, so be on your best behavior."

That sounded exciting, you could already hear the popular snakes giggling about it.

The bell rang and you were off to your last period of the day.

Your favorite subject! You sighed in relief, you didn't know your timetable that well and if you had Maths you would've gone insane.

You arrived at class and quickly sat at the back in the corner. It was pretty hard, not knowing what colour you school uniform is, let alone your brother school's colour so..

"Good morning class! Today we have our brother school over! Im gonna hand out a quick assignment to do now and pair you up with one of the boys! Good luck!" Said Mrs Clarke, she was the best teacher ever! She was so happy and was really nice to you.

You payed so much attention to the names being called out.

"Kate and Alfred"

"Elizaveta and Roderich"

"Wendy and Peter"

"Lily and Vash"

'Oh thats cool!' You thought,
'Lily got her brother!'

You got lost in your thoughts abit after that until you heard your name being called,

"[Y/n] and Ivan."

You soon made contact with violet eyes.



You could see.
You could see the colour of the wooden desks, the colour of your hair, your uniform, your classmates.

You were in shock, and you could see that 'Ivan' was too.
Nobody really knew what was happening, until Mrs Clarke spoke up.
"[Y/n], sweety, you alright?"

"Yes, just seeing, colour.. for once" you replied lost in ' Ivan's ' violet eyes.
"Oh! Oh my god! You found your soulmate sweetheart! Congrats! Now please talk while you do your assignment?" She said happily.

Ivan made his way over to you, he was pretty tall, not that you were short, you were a good average height.
He grabbed a seat and sat it next to you and then sat in it.

"Hello Sunflower, im Ivan, your [Y/n], Da?" He said, you picked up his accent to be russian.
"Oh uh yes! Uhm, I guess your my soulmate? Uhm uhhh let's just start the assignment!"
Your words were all over the show, you couldn't speak that well, what if you messed up and he didn't like you? Or if you were rude? Or scary to him?

"Da" he replied.
You then began the assignment, it was pretty easy, so it went by quickly, it was just on the French revolution, it seemed the boy on the other side of the classroom was struggling and looked quite upset, he had blonde long-ish hair, but you didn't pay attention to him.

"Well, that's done." You said happily, "Da, we should exchange numbers too Da?" He replied, you quickly agreed and write down your number and gave it to him.
He gave you the most cutest, most innocent smile. You were about to internally die, it was too cute.

The bell rang, indicating school had ended, "Hey Ivan, let's go over to my place after school okay?"

i did itt wooo.
Im off of school tomorrow so i'll update alot, its human rights day here for us so.. 😂 anyway thats all i really needed to say so ciao!
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