Chapter 3

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"So let me get this straight... You are going to actually go to the band room today after school? Minji, you have no clue who this person is!" Taehyung was practically yelling. We were sitting at a table in the cafeteria during breakfast. 

"I'll be fine Tae. Don't worry about me. I have a mean karate chop." I say and show my "muscles." 

"Can I just come with you and stand outside? Just in case?" Tae said with his puppy dog eyes.

"Fine. No eavesdropping got it?" I say with my eyebrow raised.


The bell rings and we all get up from our chairs. The cafeteria got louder with the students talking. I grabbed my back pack and said my goodbyes to Tae and headed to my locker. We weren't allowed to take our backpacks into class.

I open my locker and hear people gasping. I turn my head and see someone that was unfamiliar.  He had blond wavy hair, shaved on both sides into a Mohawk. I'm not going to lie, he looked pretty damn hot. He was tall and had a muscular body. The real thing that caught my eyes were the fact that he had an bag of drumsticks. Was he the one who put the note in my locker? 

The boy met my eyes and gave me a little smile. I noticed that I was staring and quickly slammed my locker shut and went off to the band room for morning practice. 


I get into the band room and get out my sticks to get ready to play. The band director was standing in front of us.

"Good morning. Today we will be starting a new tune and I'm sorry to say this but some people will be bumped down. Although, I don't really care." Mr. Kim started naming off the parts he has assigned. Then, he finally got to the percussion section. He listed all of the names off and then got to the last two. Marimba and drum set.

"For Marimba we have, Park Minji and for set, Min Yoongi." I see the asshole walk out of the jumble of percussion students. 

Ah hell no.

I sigh with frustration and walk over to the marimba giving Yoongi and give off an angry glare. 

Anyway, if you don't know what a marimba is, it's like a giant xylophone made out of wood. I hated playing this in Middle School and I sure as hell hate it now. I don't understand why he put me on this instrument anyway. I can barely read treble clef, let alone sight read it. I pick up my mallets and sigh, missing the heavy feel of my drum sticks. This is stupid. 

After class was over I walked up to Mr. Kim. I needed answers.

"So why did you decide to take the love of my life away?" I say crossing my arms.

"What do you me-? Oh your drum set? I didn't take it away. I just wanted to see what the new guy is made of. He is pretty good if I do say so myself. You just might have some competition Minji."

"Competition my ass. He won't last a week in your class."

"Don't underestimate him until you actually know what he's capable of. You may never know, he might treat you a thing or two."

A/N: I tried uploading a picture of a marimba... It didn't work out.... Anywhoo, can't wait to write some smutty scenes. And let me tell ya, they be coming out soon. ;)

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