I looked up at him expectantly but he was just staring into space with his eyes glazed over. I wonder why he kept zoning out like that? I have to remember to ask him.

"An Alpha has complete control over his pack" he said obviously deciding the best way to describe what is going on with me was through another story type thing. "He decides what happens and what doesn't happen with everything involving his pack or territory. One of the traits an alpha has is the ability to bend will, for example if a pack member is being disrespectful to the alpha then that alpha can bend the pack members will to submit to him. It's one of the reasons alphas are so powerful.

"There are certain unspoken rules regarding this ability to bend will, for example forcing someone to do something they don't want to do, making them commit a crime etc..." he pauses for a moment, as if he was gathering his thoughts and I squeezed his hand reassuringly, urging him to continue.

He smiled down at me before taking a breath and ran his hand through his hair "one of the worst things an alpha could do is force someone not to shift. Placing that command on someone who has already turned sixteen and had already shifted is bad enough but at least they have already shifted and so have their wolf with them. Placing the command on someone who hasn't yet shifted though is seen as one of the worst things an alpha could possibly do, it stops their wolf coming to the surface and so that person can never shift, never meet their wolf. It's like ripping a part of someone away from them. What's worse is that because that person hasn't met their wolf yet their wolf is not there to help recognise their mate, without a persons wolf they will never know who their mate is".

I looked up at him again to see him staring down at me in sadness "Annabelle we believe that that's what has happened to you, your alpha must've placed the command on you at a very young age if you don't remember it".

I frowned and looked at my hands as I picked my nails. Could he be right? Could I really have a wolf trapped in my head somewhere unable to get out because of some command put on my at a young age?

"How can you be so sure I'm your mate if you can't feel my wolf?" I asked, not knowing if I wanted the answer or not.

He kissed the top of my head and my stomach did a little flip "I can feel her Annabelle, she's hidden away but she's there tucked away in a corner of your brain, all you need to do is let her out" he said with a smile before burying his nose in my hair. "Even if I couldn't feel her I'd still know you were mine, your scent alone would draw me to you, the smell of strawberries and vanilla. It's so intoxicating if I could bottle it up I would."

I blushed at what he was saying, did I really smell of strawberries and vanilla? How could someone even smell like that anyway?

"And even without your smell I'd know just from a simple brush of my hand on yours. The electricity between our fingertips would light my wolf on fire and instantly let me know that you are mine just as much as I am yours."

He slowly started to trail his fingers up my arm and I frowned at the lack of this electricity he was talking about, only feeling he smallest amounts of tingles.

He smiled at me sadly as I looked up at him in confusion "it's because you haven't met your wolf yet, once you do you'll feel the exact same thing I'm feeling right now" he muttered with gold slightly swirling in his eyes, showing his wolf was coming through.

"When?" I asked, desperate to meet her so that I could experience these amazing things that Jax was on about.

He just shrugged at me "that's completely up to you and how much you want to meet her. You are no longer under your alphas control since you ran away and left his territory and so it's all up to you as to when you shift".

I huffed, not liking the answer he just gave me and crossed my arms.

He just laughed at my little tantrum and hugged me tighter to him. "You've done the hardest part so now all that's left is just to practice" he said as he continued to chuckle at me.

I frowned "What hard bit?"

"Shifting for the first time, when we found you in the woods you were in wolf form, I'm guessing that was your first shift seeing as you don't know anything about being a werewolf."

"I shifted?" I gasped, so confused as to why I didn't remember it.

He nodded and smiled at my shocked face "still believe you aren't a werewolf?" He smirked.

I remained silent, slowly digesting all of the information he has just given me.

"You were the most beautiful golden coloured wolf I had ever seen, similar to your hair but with just a hint more gold in it. You were unconscious by the time I got there but you were absolutely stunning...still are."

I blushed as I looked down but he took my chin in his hand and gently lifted my head up so I was looking into his eyes. "You are beautiful Annabelle, don't ever forget that".

I stared into his eyes speechless...how do you respond to something like that, when you've been told all your life that you were worthless and ugly.

Jax must have noticed that I was starting to feel uncomfortable as he kissed my forehead and changed the subject. "That's why you can heal so fast you know".

I frowned at him, what did he mean?

"Being a werewolf, that's how you manage to heal so quickly...what did you think it was normal to dislocate your elbow and then for it to be perfectly fine the next day?" He chuckled.

I just shrugged, I had never really thought about it before, that's probably why I could survive all the beating I got to be honest. Not many people could break their leg and then walk on it just fine a few days later.

"Anyway, enough of the serious talk for tonight, we can do more of that tomorrow but now I think that it's time for some dinner for you" he stated as he got up with me still in his arms.

If I was being completely honest I was still stuffed from earlier but I didn't want to upset him so I just nodded my head with a slightly forced smile as he walked me into the kitchen.

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