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Update: Dec-22-2018 ~ **BONUS CHAPTER waiting for you on the NEXT PAGE.**


I have added some extra part in the book.

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I am really very sorry that this stupid Author of yours forget to put a very essential part of the story.

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I forget to write the part of Xavier's dad. The reason why he chose Ariana for his son.

The part is added in👇
"Chapter:23 ~ Truth (Part I)"

I was supposed to end this story with Epilogue...but you know stupid people like me.

Just let me check the list.

•The one where Xavier saw Ariana for the first time.✔

•The one where Ariana saw Xavier for the first time.✔

•Their first meeting.✔

•Their marriage✔

•Their first night.✔

•Their first intimate moment. (Yezzy sweater)✔

•Their first party and first time they sat together in a car alone. (Where she was insulted by Eva's friend)✔

•The moments where they used to steal each other glances.✔

•Xavier's first three kiss which she didn't get to know that he stole from her.✔

•Their official first kiss and their hot stuff.✔

•The divorce day.✔

•Their life after two years.✔

•Everything with their friends in between.✔

•Their meeting in "SILK" office.✔

•The deal.✔

•The collaboration party.✔

•The dream date which didn't matched their dreams.(Where they sat together in the car all alone for the second time.)✔

•The second deal.✔

•The kiss in the office and all the hot stuff baby!✔

•Dining of Ariana at the penthouse.✔

•The morning hotness.✔

•Anger of Emily.✔

•Hotness at the door.✔

•Kidnapper the bastard.✔

•Ariana in hospital.✔

•The truth behind Ariana's scar.✔

•Surprise at home. And again preparation for the date.✔

•The hot stuff before date.✔

•The alternate kiss between pasta and the aftermaths 😉✔

•Rachael phone in morning.✔

•Every truth getting unfold.✔

•Hotness overloaded.✔

•The hospital again.✔

•Flight to London.✔

•The harsh truth.✔

•The revelation.✔

•The cute couple.✔

《Everyone included so that no-one gets the sad ending.》

Ariana and Xavier
Emily and Matt
Sara and Max
Rachael and Noah


For last I don't think anything is missed. But still if there anything which is left out to explain. Please do tell.

Information: I have worked very hard to make the story better. I have changed many statements and added extra to make it better for new readers and the one who will re-read again. I hope you'll like it.

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Even if this is not a chapter. But still...

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