Part 27- A new member of the group

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(Timeskip, a few months later. Jess, Sly and Luna had just came back from their anniversary)

Jess' Pov

We had just arrived from Querleta (place I made up btw). I was carrying Luna who was sleeping in my arms, sitting on the bench waiting for Kala and Castor who were taking them so long! "What's taking Kala and Castor so long? I know it's reasonable that it takes 2 hours to get here and we just arrived a hour ago but it's been an hour!" I complained "Calm down Jess, I'm pretty sure it's just traffic" Sly said "Why can't we just fly?" I ask "Sweetheart, we have Luna with us and we have luggage. You're also still hurt" Sly said "I'll go get food then. Burger King all right?" I asked "Sure, I'll be looking out. You know what I want anyway" Sly said and I went inside and saw Vylad "Vylad?" I ask "Aphmau!" Vylad says running to me with his backpack "Hey Vylad, what are you doing here?" I ask "Well I just came back from Hawaii" Vylad said and we went to Burger King "Wanna come with us to our place then?" I ask "Sure! I have nothing to here. Wait.. us?" Vylad asked "Yup! I'm here with my husband" I said and we went to Burger King and went back outside and Sly was sitting on the bench "Hey Sly" I said and we went to him "Who's that?" Sly asked "Right! Vylad this is Sly, me husband. Sly this is Vylad, Zane's brother" I said and Sly stood up grabbing the food. Then I sat on the bench "Sly! I'm hungry!" I said and Sly got his food before giving it to Vylad "Aight" Sly said opening the wrap of the burger and letting me have a bite "They're near already so let's finish the food before they pull up" Sly said and we did. After a long time of waiting, we saw a car pull up. then someone put the window down and it was Kala "Hey guys. Hop in" Kala said, Sly and Vylad put the luggage in the back of the car and I open the door and see the chair down and see Zane "Hey guys, Vylad" Zane said and Vylad sat beside Zane and we put the chair up and Sly and I sat. Castor then started to drive "So Jess, how was the anniversary?" Kala asked "It was fun!" I said "Who is Jess?" Vylad asked "You don't know. We forgot" Zane said "Don't know what?" Vylad asked and I explained to Vylad.  After explaining, black particles started appearing. Shoot! He's a Shadow Knight, Vylad then started slowly turning to his Shadow Knight form and pain started to come "Vylad, Stop. You might kill Aph" Zane said "At this point I don't care anymore!" Vylad said "Vylad, you're better than this, we need Aph, the world needs her" Zane said, the pain then started to choke me. Just then, Vylad turned back and I gasped for air and coughed a bit, Sly then grabbed the medicine and gave it to me. I applied it on Luna and myself. I gave it to Sly and looked down to see Luna fussing and crying softly in my arms, Sly got Luna from me and I blacked out.

Sly's Pov

After Jess fell asleep, I put her on my lap "Sly? Is Jess alright? She looks like she just blacked out" Castor said "That's the reason Sly got Luna from her, carrying Luna around with a Shadow Knight in their form. It gets the mother, or Jess for the matter, tired" Zane said "How does it make Jess tired?" I ask "Since right now, Luna is still small. Both mother and daughter have a connection, so if someone that is a Shadow Knight and is near both of them, most of the pain is on the mother" Zane said "Then how do you not hurt Jess but Vylad does?" Castor asked "I'm one of the 'special' people" Zane said "Explain please" Kala said "If you noticed that people with forms like myself and Alex can't hurt Jess in form while others do. If our parents have a connection with Jess' parents or if we met Jess at a young age then we have a chance of being able to not hurt Jess. You already know that there is Garroth, Vylad and I, and I am the only one that doesn't put Jess in danger. It's because I met Jess in a young age before I left. My bros didn't want to meet a 'weak' girl" Zane said "Are you that person that was always with us before you left?" Sly asked "Yes I was" I said "But before, you never really wore a mask and your eye wasn't covered" I said "Got freckles and got hit by a snow ball" Zane said "Anyways back to topic.." Vylad said "Right, if you noticed that our parents only allow one of their kids that have a form to go near Jess" Zane said "What do you mean?" Castor asked "For example, Nicole and Sly. Since they're siblings, only one of them have the ability to not hurt Jess. So if they don't have a form, it was alright for both of them to be near Jess" Zane said "What if the case is that they're twins and have another sibling?" I ask "If it's that case, the twins count as one person. Don't ask why but they are. If the twins have the ability, both of the twins won't hurt Jess" Zane said and we all talked until we reached Stark tower.

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