Chapter Two - Unwanted

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Noah and I managed to avoid one another for most of the day. Once he'd ventured into the guestroom, it seemed he hadn't ventured out. Which suited me fine. Stepbrother he may be, but we'd barely had more than a handful of conversations. I knew my neighbour more than I knew Noah.

Around 2pm I sat down at the table and stared at my timetable for fall at NYU. None of the classes spoke to me, they were all placeholders.

"Knock knock." Josh's voice sang out from the front door. I closed the NYU folder and leapt to my feet. I'd forgotten that he was coming over.

"Josh." I murmured. "Hey."

Joshua pulled me into an embrace, is arm snaked around my waist and he placed a soft kiss on my lips. He pulled back and looked into the kitchen.

"You're parents are gone right?"

"Yeah. Ray and Mom left a few hours ago." I replied.

Josh's worry faded, he leaned in and kissed me again, only this time it was more longing, demanding. His grip on me was tight, almost too tight.

"Josh." I whispered. "Calm down."

Josh signed and released me entirely from his grip. "You've got to be kidding me Olivia."

I frowned. When we'd first started dating Josh had told me he was happy to wait until I was ready after I'd told him I was still firmly in virgin territory. The furthest I'd gone was third base... accidentally, long story, a year before I'd met him. As time had gone on though his patience had begun to wear thin. I wanted to want to go all the way. I just wasn't there yet.

I didn't have time to reply before Josh launched at me again.

"Baby you drive me wild." He crooned. His hands slid up my body, and he embraced me again. I froze even though I wanted to step away from him and regain my personal space.

"Everything okay?" Noah's voice broke the moment, and I'd never been more happy to have a stepbrother. Josh jumped back, clearly startled. He looked up at me, his eyes narrowed and his lips curled.

"Something you want to tell me Liv?" Josh said in an accusatory tone.

"Noah, this my boyfriend Josh. Josh this is my stepbrother, Noah." I explained.

I looked over in Noah's direction. He was only wearing a towel, his hair still wet from the shower he'd clearly taken. A drip fell down on to his bare chest and rolled down. I swallowed hard and looked back at Josh.

"You never said you had a stepbrother." He mused.

"Yes, I did." I replied. "When you asked who the guy standing next to me in My Mom and Ray's wedding photos was when we first started dating."

Josh's eyes raised. "Oh... okay."

He looked over at Noah and shrugged. "Isn't it kind of wrong to waltz around the house half naked in front of your kid sister."

In unison we spoke. Noah said "She's not my kid sister."

And I said. "I'm not his kid sister."

Josh folded his arms across his chest. "Do you mind dude? I want to talk to my girlfriend... alone."

"Olivia." Noah's voice cut through the tension like a blunt knife... not well. I looked at him again, avoiding his naked chest and focusing on his eyes. "Call me if you need anything, okay?"

I nodded and looked back at Joshua, who looked even more infuriated.

"You boning him?" He accused without skipping a beat.

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