Ch. 1 The encounter

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Ever since my parents got a divorce my dad stayed at his home country with my little brother and my mother moved in with her lover. I was left in my grandmother's care yet she had to work after I came from school so I was alone and neglected at age 12. The loneliness, the darkness, and coldness as I stayed inside the apartment drove my sanity away as I slowly became bitter and also lose the basic feelings like being: sad, happy, afraid, excited, angry, and the most important one is feeling....Love. The first time I saw him was on a Saturday night watching adult swim he was introduced in this anime called Bleach there wasn't a straight right away connection......though I grew a some type of attachment for him.

I felt ignore and I needed love, for a moment I was love by a man but he took my innocence and left me in the cold snow.

Some how I imagine Grimmjow being there to comfort me, later I visit this site called wattpad and I read a bunch fan fiction about him so I decided to be a writer.

At age 15 I felt my heart melt to the ground, it be weird to have a feeling for something non existent. This question oscillate through my mind......

......can you fall in love with a anime character?

I barely tried to build a relationship with my mother but when I explained her about my troubled thought she began to think it was unhealthy and that I should start being sociable with guys....real flesh and bone guys. I was force to get rid all the stories I wrote in my journals cause I never really had the guts to upload one because I was bully in school about it so I was much alone and misunderstood.

It was around the twilight zone when I toss almost all my journals in a can and I set it on fire outside in the woods. I watch them burn to ashes, I held the last journal in my hands I shed a few tears as I flip through the pages one more time and I stop where there was a drawing of him kissing the protagonist of the story, I named her Wildrose. She was everything I wanted to be, tough, confident, thin, great hair, beautiful and everything else that I'm not. My eyes began to water when my eyes caught a shooting star go across the sky as out of my lips left his name...


The weirdest thing was that the shooting star gave a U turn and aim at my direction. It was approaching with a great speed my feet got ahead of me and run as fast as possible. But the meteor/shooting star crash behind me so I past out in the explosion.

I woke up in something hard I rub my eyes and they grew with wonder when they stare to...Grimmjow? I quickly look away.

'This is impossible. It can't be. But he's just a drawing. OK, be calm this got to be a mistake.'

I look back and he was still there, I was having one those fan girl moment where you get mini heart attack and you let out one those shrieks. I hush before he woke up and took advantage of the moment and analyze if he is really flesh and bone.

My hand lay on his blue hair as I stroke it gently, I then touch his gorgeous flawless face to his lips, my hand lower down to his chisel built body that it seemed perfectly sculpt by angels even the scar on his chest fit, I play around with his hollow hole everything was surreal hard to believe, and I had a curiosity.

Is it bad to have dirty thoughts?

He's asleep, deeply asleep, I don't think he'll mind If take a peek of his manhood size. I just want to make sure he's real.

I felt the warmth in my cheeks as I raise his pants a bit to look inside when his voice startle me,

My cheeks were bursting in flames of embarrassment I cowardly crawl away but he grab hold of my ankle and drag me back in the crater then pin me down the ground and started speaking Japanese.

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