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    Completely rejected.

  That was all Finn could think about.
   "I'm so fucking dumb." He huffed, flopping down on his bed.
   "Who goes up to someone like that?!" Finn sat up in frustration.

   Finn got up and paced around his room, mumbling things to himself. "How the fuck do I mess shit up..with him?!" He yelled in a whisper.
  "I'm just gonna text him and see what he says-and then if it goes out right..then great! And if it doesn't-I'm throwing my phone out the window." Finn said in a sigh.
  Finn had have mostly everyone's number-he knew a lot of people. He didn't talk to many of them, like at all.
  He finally found Jack's number.
   Finn was nervous-but he had to clear things up.

  Finn took a deep breath before sending his first text message.

Finn: Sorry.

  Jack was at his house still trying to get over the fact he has been used, just to please somebody. He hated it.

      Text message
       From Finn
Jack looked at his phone and rolled his eyes. He opened the message-then decided to reply.

Finn: Sorry.
                                        Jack: You've done a lot of things, so which one are you apologizing for?

Finn: im apologize for everything—jack im so sorry..and I was wondering if you wanted to be friends again??
                                Jack: damn that's tough, you lost all my loyalty nd friendship. How many years ago? Or right it was 3.

Finn:I'm just asking for another chance jack

Finn: please?

Finn: jack???

Finn: you blocked me.

Sorry these chapters are short my loves. But hopefully they get longer.
Love you mi cutie pies😤❤️

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