149 - Last Part

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9 months later.

After Nirmala's shocking death news, the family was engrossed in sorrow. And the only brightness in everyone's lives at the moment, was none other then Piya and Siya. The two girls were now 1 year old and the princesses of the family.

Vandy and Varun too had an adorable baby boy by the name of Akash, who was the prince of the family. Kamini and Lalaji couldn't be happier to know that their older son had finally set his business aside and now was paying way more attention to his wife and child.

Shravan: Hello hottest women in the world!

Sumo: (putting her arms around his neck) And hello sexiest man in the world.

Shravan: (kissing her lips softly) I want to eat you up right now.

Sumo: (blushing) Then do it. Who is stopping you tonight Baby?? I am all your's.

Shravan: Can I do anything I please??

Sumo: (blushing) Anything.

Sumo blushed as Shravan pulled her close, leaning in for a passionate kiss. The two were still behaving like love sick couples even though it had been a year since they had gotten married. However, despite them getting married, they had not crossed the physical boundaries as husband and wife yet.

After Nirmala's death, Shravan was too disturbed emotionally and knew that he couldn't be ready himself for taking such a big step in their relationship. And after Shravan was finally ready, Sumo's health had gotten weak from her previous injuries and the stress of Nirmala's death.

After Shravan found her unconscious in the bathroom once more, he had rushed her up to the doctors, afraid of the worst news he could possibly get. And like he had guessed, the doctors advised Shravan that the stress on her mind was causing her to go into relapse and that her condition was still critical so he shouldn't do anything that would cause her to over think or stress out.

Because of this, Shravan had made no moves on Sumo. However, she was finally done recovering and Shravan couldn't be more happy.

Just as Shravan was about to lean into Sumo once more time to kiss her, Sumo pushed Shravan away.

Sumo: Mr. Malhotra, I'll let you have your way with me on one condition.

Shravan: (groaning) What?! Sumo you are no fun! You are getting boring these days with your stupid conditions!

Sumo: Boring?! So now I am boring to you?! This is what I get! It's been one year since we got married and I am already boring?!

Shravan: Come on Sumo! I didn't mean it like that! Don't be mad!

Sumo: Fine! But you have to listen to my conditon first!

Shravan: Fine! Tell me what you want!

Sumo: Let me go back and work at PCT again.

Shravan: WHAT?! NO WAY!

Sumo: Shravan please!!!

Shravan: I can't Sumo! Last time I let you work at PCT, you over stressed yourself and I found you unconcious in the bathroom! The doctor has told me that you need full bed rest and I will not let you go to PCT.

Sumo: But Shravan---

Shravan: No buts!

Sumo: That's not fair!

Shravan: Not fair?! You know what's not fair!? When I see my LIFE, my WORLD, my EVERYTHING laying on the floor in the bathroom. Sumo, I died a little when I saw you like that! You have no idea how I brought you to the hosiptal. I thought I lost you.

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