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Okay so, this is just an explanation:

Jason, he didn't go to camp Jupiter and met everyone since he didn't go with Hera/Juno.

Thalia, she joined the hunt, leaving Jason alone to do nothing but train, eat, sleep.

Nico, he was never in the lotus casino. He was hidden in Hades' palace in the underworld admiring his Mythomagic cards and sometimes training.

Bianca, she also was never in the lotus casino. She lived with her father and Nico in the underworld until she joined the hunt.

Percy, I actually have no idea where the heck he was but let's say he was in Atlantis, Amphitrite and Triton was very happy with Percy staying there, but after a while they were okay with it. Percy trained, eat, sleep, talked to sea animals and got around well with everyone.

What happened to his mom? Well uh.... Idk? She mysteriously disappeared one day when they went to their cabin in Montauk, there was no sign of anything. So percy went to sit at the sea shore, crying then Poseidon found him and brought him to Atlantis.

Hazel is not in the story yet because she is ROMAN! Jason would be roman but he didn't join Hera/Juno. I will put Hazel in the story though, along with the other seven.

Okay Imma update this story in like two weeks lol bye.

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