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When Leo Fitzpatrick's psychic grandmother dies, she leaves a letter addressed to him in her will that he receives on his eighteenth birthday. In the letter, she claims that her grandson's life will be saved by someone or something to do with roses.

Although he's skeptical, Leo finds himself looking for anyone or anything to do with roses that could be a sign — flower shops, art with roses, pictures of roses, girls named Rose . . . Anything that would point to the person or thing that could eventually protect him from the unknown danger to come.

Just when Leo has given up on his search for roses, he meets a girl from a rival high school named Elizabeth "Elle" Hart. Even though she doesn't have any association to roses as far as he can tell, Leo can't help but feel a connection.

As the pair struggles through their stressful last year of high school, Leo gets increasingly worried that his grandmother was being truthful after he endures nightmares about roses and death that only worsen with time — if he doesn't find the roses-related person or thing soon, his time could be running out.

i'm very excited for this story! it is completely planned out, and i've got lots of twists in store! the first & second chapters are already written, so get ready for those soon. the trailer is coming soon as well ;) thanks for reading, and leave comments below of what you're thinking/any predictions/how you like the sound of it, i really appreciate it all! leave a vote if you liked it it, and i hope you guys stick around for all the fun!

~Sophie Clarkin

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