~11~Screaming and Slamming~

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Jaden's pov

I woke up and everything was pitch black,I opened my mouth to call for Harry but nothing came out,I couldn't move and a dim light flickered as I saw that it was me,Avry,Harry,Hermione,and Ron all tied up and I screamed,everyone turning there head to me as Draco ran in hushing us.

''shut up,I'm gonna get y'all outta here before my father kills y'all.''Draco whispered and started getting everybody out of the chairs,after I got up I hugged Draco tight to receive a hug back.

''I'll see you in three days,love you!''Draco quickly kissed me as we all snuck out,all we heard was screaming and slamming and glass as draco ran out,we all ran into a small hut where nobody was and locked it,we hit the beds and fell asleep.

I know it's short but I'll post a longer one when I can!

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