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Rule Number Fifteen: Don't make eye contact with Harry from across the table. And certainly, don't confuse his glare for jealousy.

I cross my arms nervously over my chest, I'm so focused that two deep lines carve themselves in between my eyebrows.

Noel slid the clear gloss over her lips once more as she stared at herself in the crystal mirror that my parents had in their hallway. It had been there since the beginning of time, and if it could talk it would've revealed times we would've liked to have forgotten.

Despite loving the effortless, beauty that girls like Noel held. I could help but bite my tongue from asking her to put something else on her thin, pouty lips. Something in the family of red, without shine.

She wore a thin dress with little flowers all over it, underneath it, she wore nothing at all. Her nipples peaked every time the air changed or something brushed against them. It was effortlessly sexy, and although I knew she went without a bra because it was comfortable. I believed it was because she wanted to drive me crazy. It worked. Her blonde, wispy hair framed her narrow face.

If I was sensible, which I'm not and if I cared what my parents thought of me, which I didn't. I would've asked her to wear something different, to play the part of a perfect potential housewife. But instead, she looked the way I wanted her to. Twiggy and regal.

She realizes that I am watching her intently, my eyes not one moving from her. A small curious smile dances on her lips as she looks at me in the mirror.

"You're being kinda creepy" she teases before backing away completely.

"Sorry" I smile, looking down at my shoes. I wore a casual suit today, not because I wanted to but because I knew Tom would be wearing something similar to what he had worn to work today.

I was a little distracted, my usual smartass remark not making it out of my mouth.

Earlier today, as I sat in my office tapping my pen against my desk, Ana had walked in. It wasn't an unusual occurrence, considering me and Tom had shared an office. But when I had acknowledged her, she just simply brushed me off.

Her attention had been solely on Tom. So much so that she hadn't even bothered to give me a proper goodbye. I looked like a total fucking idiot verbally saying hi, when all I got was a tight smile that she would've rather not have given.

I don't know why it bothered me, I don't know why I sat here having the event play in the back of my mind again and again.

"Harry... Are you even listening? Your mother is calling you." Noel's voice echoed through my mind as I finally brought myself back to the present.

"Ya, sorry" I shook my head adjusting my suit jacket. I walked into the dining room at the end of the hall. My parents had lived in an upper scale neighbourhood in Manhattan in a charming, fully renovated townhouse.

It was the only house of theirs I could stand, it was the most genuine. It was the only house that had been here from the beginning.

"Your brother is running behind. Apparently, he and Ana are getting a trainer for their wedding" she spoke breaking herself away from the housekeeper that begun setting the table.

Ana was already so thin that I wasn't sure what else there was to lose.

"What's the point, the wedding is two weeks away. Nobody gets into shape that fast" I sat down at the table before being asked. My mother's face beamed as if she couldn't hold her excitement any longer.

"I know, it's approached so quickly it seems as if it were only yesterday when they had their engagement party" she looked over at my father with a sparkle in her eye and despite him being a hard ass he joined in her excitement.

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