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"Talvez eu seja simplesmente
Como um sapato velho
Mas ainda sirvo se você quiser
Basta você me calçar
Que eu aqueço o frio dos teus pés"
(Sapato Velho - Roupa Nova)

"Maybe I'm just
Like an old shoe
But I still fit up if you want
Just put me on
And I'll warm the cold of your feet"'
(Old Shoe - Roupa Nova)

"We should choose a name." Stated Diaval, caressing Maleficent's growing belly.

"Eventually." She agreed.

"One that matches with Aurora."

"That would be fine."

She put another dried fig in her mouth and reclined a bit more into her mate's chest, feeling comfortable.


"Too obvious."


"Doesn't sound like a real name."

"Hmm." He drummed his fingers on her belly. "Nor does Maleficent, by the way."

"My parents' mistake is no excuse to err again."



"It sounds nice to me."

"Vain bird."

"You wouldn't call me this is I suggested something like 'Fae'."

"It would be like Stefan naming Beastie 'Human' instead of 'Aurora'."

"Right, got it."

Diaval hummed to himself for some minutes, distracting his fingers on Maleficent's feathers.


"Doesn't sound like a girl's name."

"Yes, it doesn't. But, what if they're a boy? Better have a name chosen for a boy, just in case."

He felt her stiffen in his arms.

"A boy?"

"Yes, a boy. We already raised a girl, we could be gifted with a boy, you know."

She sat straight, withdrawing from him.

"No, it cannot be a boy."

"Pardon me?"

Maleficent turned around to meet his eyes.

"I'm not ready to have a boy, Diaval. I... I cannot."

Her lower lip trembled, and he could see fear in her eyes.

No, not fear.


Diaval reached a hand to her face, a thumb on her cheekbone and the tips of his fingers on her pointy ear.

"Mistress, this is not something one chooses, you know? Sometimes there are girls, and sometimes there are boys. You should know it by now."

"No!" She turned her face away from his touch. "No, I cannot, I cannot have a... a man, Diaval, I cannot..."

"Hey, hey, what's wrong?" He tried to touch her again, but she flinched.

"He... He would hurt me! He would hurt me, he would make me cry, and he would betray me, like... like men do! That's what men do, they hurt and betray and..." She swallowed a sob. "I cannot be bearing a... a man... I cannot..."

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