Chapter 14 - Business

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Chapter 14

  Albert sat outside on the balcony, eating bacon and eggs, alongside Alonzo, Benny, and Carlos.  Eddie brought a round of coffees to the table, as well as a jug of orange juice.

  “How was he?” Albert asked, after taking a sip of coffee.

  Benny nodded, “He was pretty fucked up.”

  Albert placed his mug down, “I can’t go and see him, that is exactly what they want me to leave here and go to the fucking hospital!”

  Awkward silence fell upon the bosses.

  “No one is saying you should go and see him,” Alonzo Senior finally spoke after a few minutes.

  “Yeah Al, of course that’s what Chuck wants,” Carlos said. 

  “Exactly what he wants,” Benny said.

  Albert watched as Salvatore’s white van pulled up on the curb. Sin, Alonzo Junior, and Salvatore were greeted by a couple of Benny’s guys as they made their way up to the balcony. Albert noticed Alonzo Junior was holding a large coffee tin. Once the three youngsters were at the table they greeted the captain’s respectfully, and Sin ordered Alonzo Junior to hand the fat tin to Albert.

  “What’s this?” Albert asked.

  “Tribute. We’ve been putting in some extra work,” Sin said.

  Albert opened the large coffee tin with his knife, to see at least thirty thousand wrapped in bundles inside.  “Now that is dedication.”

  Albert got out of his chair, to give Sin a hug, and ordered Eddie to fix him a plate.

  “Could not of happened without these two guys right here,” Sin said, pointing at both Salvatore and Alonzo Junior, whom were immediately congratulated by their fathers.

  Sin could feel the envious looks of Carlos, Alonzo Sr., and Benny on him; it was only natural, given the current situation, their crews were not exactly out making money.

  “It was this guys brains though,” Salvatore said, referring to Sin.

  “A born leader,” Albert toasted his orange juice.

  “Is it alright if I take Salvatore and Alonzo Junior again tomorrow?” Sin asked, when it was only Albert left at the table.

  Albert shook his head; “I need these two to go with Carlos tomorrow. He needs to sort a few things out at Rolled.”

  “I was kind of hoping to get a couple of things sorted that will help us in the future, and do some surveillance on Chuck’s office,” Sin said.

 Albert cracked his knuckles under his chin; “You can take Mike with you.”

  “What about you?” Sin asked.

   “I’ll be fine. There is a small army living here, and I’m not going out anywhere.”

  “Alright, any chances of us having a third man come along?” Sin asked.

  Albert stood up out of his chair, “No, and I’m going to need you and Mike to come with me on some errands next week. Things that can’t be left undone.”

  “Of course,” Sin said.

  Albert wanted to be alone for the time being and made his way back to the main bedroom of the house, locking both of the locks as he entered. He felt safer now that Mike and Sin were staying, along with at least twenty others; with all of the soldiers and capos here, some had even taken to sleeping in the shed out back.

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