Chapter 8

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i woke up with perrie laying on my chest, I smiled and kissed her head. She slowly started to wake up. "Good morning princes" "mmm morning" perrie said with a smile on her face. "I have to go to training but I'll be all yours tonight" "okayyy" perrie said kissing my face. We got up and I got dressed making myself ready for training. I walked up to perrie and wrapped my hands around her waist. "I'm off to training" I said while kissing her neck. She moaned a little, she turned around and kissed me. "Okay be careful" she said smiling. I was driving to my training when the traffic light went green, as I felt a car hit my car, i fell glass cut me before everything went black.

My phone went off and when I looked at my screen I saw that the hospital was calling me. "Hello?" I said kinda scared "hello Is this perrie oxlade-chamberlain?" Someone on the other side of the line said. "Uhm it's still Perrie Edwards were not married yet. "Is something wrong?" "Yeah I'm very sorry to tell you but mr.oxlade-chamberlain had a car accident. At that moment my heart sank to my toes and I had a lump in my throat. I didn't hear anything the woman said, "hello miss are you still there?" I got snapped out of my thoughts. "Uhh yeah is he okay?" I asked hoping for a yes. "He is a very lucky guy he only broke his legs several times, it could've been way worse. "Okay thank you I'll be there as fast as I can" I said relieved. I drove to the hospital as fast as I could trying not to get into an accident myself otherwise I could lay next to him in the hospital.

I walked in the hospital feeling nervous about seeing Alex, I always have that when I haven't seen him for awhile but this time it was different it was more scary. "Hello I'm looking for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain". "Yes room 254" "alright thank you" i said politely. I slowly made my way to the room, I looked trough the window at the door when I saw him laying. He was sleeping so I tried not to wake him up. As I walked in the room I saw that there was a nurse looking at the monitor in front of him. "Hello darling" "hello" I said. "You're his girlfriend?" "Uhm yeah" I said soft. "He's sleeping now, he kept saying that someone had to call his girlfriend, and don't worry we already informed his trainer" the nurse said politely I smiled "thank you" I watched her walk out, I sat on the chair next to the bed. After 5 minutes I grabbed my phone and texted the girls.

Perrie: heyy girls Alex got into an car accident and is now laying in the hospital everything is alright but leo Ottis and hatchi are at home and I don't think I'm gonna be home tonight would one of you mind taking care of them please?

Jade : oh jeez pez I'm so sorry hope he's ok yes of coarse I'll take me care off them.

Jesy: oh no girl I'm so sorry for you call when you need anything alright.❤️

Leigh: yes pez where here for you💗

Perrie: thank you guys you're the best.

I put my phone away and Alex started to move a bit so I grabbed his hand. "Heyy" I smiled at him. "Hey" "how are you feeling?" I asked "uhmm better I think" Hr tried to sit up but I pushed him back. "Hey Take it easy" I said he sat up easily. I looked at him and saw the wounds on his face and his arms. He had a cast around his leg, without realizing it tears were streaming down my eyes. "Hey what's wrong" Alex said. I wiped the tears away "you have wounds on you're body" I said still looking at him. "Heyy pez it's okay I'm alright" he said. "Alex they told me it could've been way worse and you're a lucky guy" he looked at me "I could've lost you" i said. "But you didn't I'm still here it are just a couple wounds and my leg is broken but you haven't lost me and you never will" He said opening his arm for me.

We've spend a while just cuddling when a doctor walked in, I got up and sat in the chair. "Good afternoon Mr. Oxlade- chamberlain I'm Docter Morgan but you can call me James. "Hi just call me Alex" "alright Alex I'm going to be straight to the point, you're leg doesn't look good and we're gonna need to do surgery now don't worry I've  done these kind of surgery a lot of times and never it ended up bad" he stopped for a moment. "But you broke you're leg at a very rare point". I got scared at this point. "So after the recovery of the surgery we don't know if you're able to play football ever again, Im so sorry. I looked over to Alex who looked very shocked.

I just sat there shocked, I just got told that I maybe was never able to play football again. I saw perrie looking at me but I didn't look back, I couldn't face her right now. "You said we don't know if you're able to, does that mean there's a chance I can play football?" I asked still in shock. "Yes there is a chance but that means that you got to take it easy and make sure you practice you're leg but slowly. "Okay when is the surgery gonna be?" "In about 4 weeks because you're other bones need to heal before we can do anything". "Okay I'll leave you two alone call me when you need my help" the Docter walked out of the room and I just broke, tears where streaming down my face I've never cried in front of perrie but I couldn't help it. My father was a footballer and my brother is a footballer and I maybe never be able to play it again. Perrie gave me a hug and I cried on her shoulder. She kept saying that it's gonna be alright and I wanted to believe it but I just couldn't.

I've never seen Alex like this and I didn't really know what to do. I hugged him and he cried on my shoulder, I felt so bad for him. I couldn't believe it either, I just kept saying that everything was gonna be alright but I didn't know it. But I believed in him he could do this. We stayed like this for awhile, I climbed on the bed and we snuggled up together, not long after that Alex was fast alsleep.

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