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Chapter Thirty-Two | Before You

Once again, I fell into the same routine I had been in at the manor, eat, sleep, stare at the wall, wonder where Delano is and repeat. And all during the time, the sky was still pitch black, the events from before of Delano and I still reeled in my mind, playing on a conscious loop; I can still feel his lips upon mine and the light gentles touches he graced along my skin.

Thinking about it makes my cheeks flare with heat and my heart to quicken its pace, after our shared moment, Delano wrapped himself around my body, his hands finding the bulge of my belly as I fell asleep to his warmth surrounding me. And then I woke up to an empty bed.

The door to the room opens abruptly, drifting my attention away from my thoughts, I gaze up to see Abel walking in with a smile on his lips.

"Little human!" he greets, still grinning as he walk in, bringing an lighter atmosphere.

"Abel. .?" I question, my eyes following his form as he walked towards the bed. "What are you doing here?"

His grins widens, settling down in the spot next to me. "I came to see my favorite person, and these little people." he coos, poking my stomach.

A small squawk escapes my mouth at his gesture, his finger hitting a ticklish spot, I twist away from him not stopping the smile that spread across my face.

"Don't do that! I'm ticklish there." I laugh, scanning his features as they brighten more.

I suddenly freeze, "Wait? How did you know I was pregnant with twins? I didn't tell anyone that I was."

Smugness retracts off Abel in waves as he taps his ears, "Vampire hearing. I can hear two different heartbeats coming from your womb."

My mouth forms in a 'O' before I quickly close my mouth.

"So what was your real reason for coming here?"

His snort of laughter filled the room, "Saw right through me. How?"

I shrug. "It isn't hard when it comes to you, you're emotions are clear as water."

A flicker of an emotion passes across, dark and brooding before it disappears. His smile is a little strained as he rises to his feet.

"Well since you've figured out my true intentions, I'm taking you out."

"Out?" I inquire incredulously.

"Out of this room, you've been in here for three days. Let's go." he grabbed my wrist and began to pull me out of the bed.

"But," I started to protest but was hushed as he placed his finger on my lips, the coolness from his skin stopping any words from slipping free.

"Don't argue, I know you hate being coped up in here, there are a lot of things I want to show you." he adds, lips tilting upward genuinely, the tips of his fangs showing.

I stare at them for a second before moving my gaze to his eyes and releasing a sigh. "Fine. I just need something to wear."

"Just look over in that closet and you'll find something." Abel points to a set of double doors on the side of the room.

I make my way over and slide the doors open only to come face to face with a walk in closet of women clothes, I stop my mouth from dropping open and grabbed the closest thing that looked appealing and steppes into the closet so I could change.

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