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As the previous night went on the couple got tired and ended up going back to sweet peas trailer and they had just awoken from their peaceful slumber but when Celestia had awoken a little later she realised that the love of her life was gone she also noticed she had left fang at her dads trailer she slowly opened her eyes to see the other side of the bed was empty she frowned as she stretched she yelled out "sweet pea where you at?" she heard a giggle erupt from the living room and she smiled and spoke "come here so i can see your pretty little face " she heard the laugh move closer as a fully clothed sweet pea even with his leather jacket on strangely she raised an eyebrow at him "what are you up to?" he smirked at her as she looked at him while lying down he sat next to her on the bed and moved his hand from the inside of his jacket to reveal yet another surprise she gasped when she saw it

"oh my god sweet pea you bought me a fucking Chihuahua" she smiled as she sat up taking the small cream dog from her boyfriends warm embrace she held it in her manicured hands and she couldn't stop smiling she moved her eyes from the puppy to sweet peas and she put the dog on the bed and jumped into her boyfriends arms kissing his face over and over in happiness he smiled back at her "i knew you wanted one and found one not to far from here last night" she squealed but her mood soon dropped "what about fang he doesn't like other dogs?" he smirked "they've already been introduced and they love each other " she squealed again and picked up the small dog again pulling it to her chest and embracing it while her boyfriend embraced her "thank you so much baby i love you so much" he smiled while his head rested on her hers he hummed a laugh "you welcome i love you too"

"we need to get to school babe so get ready" she said getting up off the bed and getting dressed into black jeans and a cropped hoodie that said 'hangover hoodie' with her all black huaraches just as she was headed out the door she decided to put her new puppy in her hoodie and let her head poke out of it she then stepped out the trailer to see sweet pea leaning against her newly bought car she walked up to him to see him laughing at the dogs head peeking out she hit his arm and pushed him lightly "get off my car you idiot "he smiled "your really taking your dog?" she nodded "shes too small to leave on her own.

he just laughed more and walked round to the passengers side getting in the car Celestia did the same but handed sweet pea her dog "i look weird like i'm this tough guy and im holding a tiny dog " she laughed "shut up you love her really " he nodded "and my boy fang which reminds me i need to go get him" after a few moments of silence he spoke again "what are you gonna name her ?" she looked at him briefly smiling "pea" he cocked his eyebrow "really why?" she giggled "because she's not gonna grow much bigger and she is a cute little pea just like you" he hummed another laugh"whatever makes you happy" she grabbed one of his hands "you make me happy" she smiled at him as the car stopped

"we're here my bitch" he playfully glared at her "your my bitch girl" she giggled as she lifted herself out the car and said "your just jealous i'm your daddy" he smirked "other way round kid" she laughed "hop off my dick sweet pea" he got out the car and handed her the dog while wrapping his arms around her waist she held the dog in one hand and the other wrapped around his neck they leaned in and kissed each other until fangs came up behind them and squeezed Celestia's sides she jumped and turned around glaring at him "asshole your just jealous i've got your boyfriend for the week" he laughed and looked down at her dog "why are you holding a rat" she scoffed "shut the fuck up thats my dog sweet pea got me " she held the dog up to her face and spoke in a babyish voice "your not a rat baby your cute" he was in hysterics laughing "so what are you gonna do with fang ?" she shrugged "i'm going to keep him and this little cutie they won't be any trouble " she checked her phone and gasped "look you guys i'm late now i'll see you later look after my car sweet " she threw the keys behind her and her boyfriend caught them she carried on walking with the dog i n her arms she made her way into the student lounge

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