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1 - B is For...

"Braddon Wilson!" a thunderous voice nearly shakes the walls of the school. Everyone crowds around the principal's office, getting as close as they can to look inside. I gasped and covered my mouth, trying to hold back my laughter.

There, in Principal McFerry's office, is an unbelievable amount of foam popcorn. The foam popcorn that is used as cushions for packages is now being used to fill the principal's entire office. Some of the popcorn fell out into the hallway and students were picking it up while laughing hysterically.

Where and how in the hell did someone manage to fill that entire office up with that stuff. When I say fill the office, I mean filled the office. As in, it's touching the ceiling. As in, you can't even walk through it. Yeah, get the picture now?

"Did someone say my name?!" another voice shouted within the laughter. This voice held amusement along with its over-friendly tone. Everyone's heads snapped to the person who spoke and whispered began to arouse. He was leaning casually against a locker, looking extremely innocent.

His gray shirt was visible within the black jacket that he wore. His hands were in the front pockets of his denim jeans. He looked around my age. His short, brown hair wasn't long enough to reach his ears, but it wasn't a buzz cut either. He looked like one of the bystanders whom just witnessed the mess that's in the principals over. The only thing giving him away is the small smirk on his lips and the mischievous glint in his dark brown eyes.

"I know you did this!" Principal McFerry shouted at the student whom was leaning nonchalantly against the lockers. The boy, whom I now know is Braddon Wilson, gave a mock offended look.

"What makes you think I'd do something like this?" Braddon asked, feigning like he was hurt by the principals accusations.

"Don't play innocent with me, Wilson! I know you did this! Get over here and clean this mess up!" the principal yelled at Braddon. Principal McFerry was a man in his early fifties. His brown hair was slowly but surely turning gray and was slicked to the back. He was a tall man, plump in size and face extremely red with anger right now.

His angry face makes him look completely different from the friendly man I had just met in the main entrance of the school building only about ten minutes ago. We were just headed to his office so he can talk to me about the rules and regulations of the school. Ironic, huh?

I looked at the boy responsible, so McFerry says. The boy put his index finger to his chin, giving the impression that he was thinking. "Nah, I'm good," he spoke simply, apparently not fazed by McFerry's anger and loud voice.

"Get out of my school! I don't want to see you for the next two weeks!" Principal McFerry bellowed at the student responsible. Bystanders began whispering more frantically, repeating what the principle said as if no one heard him correctly.

"Great," Braddon responded with a gleeful smile. I shook my head at his statement. With that being said, Braddon pushed himself off the lockers and made his way through the crowd. A couple girls swooned over him as he walked pass.

Some tried to grab hold of his hand, some tried to grab hold of his clothes, which only made him smirk broader. Whispers turned into loud talking as we all watched Braddon head toward the front entrance of the school, then walk through one of the three double doors.

I looked back at the principal. He looked like he was trying to calm himself. "Those damn Wilson siblings are all alike," he muttered to himself. I watched as he called over some custodians and asked them to clean out his office.

"All right everyone, to your classes!" hell continues yelling, still furious of what's taken place. I sighed. Well, if stunts like this happen on the daily basis, this school year is going to be rather interesting...

[AN: new story preview! I hope all my "MDIA" readers get an enormous smile on your faces when you read this. For those of you who aren't "MDIA" readers, DON'T WORRY, you don't have to read that story to read this one. loved his character so much that I just had to write a story regarding him. And plus, I'm sure some of you wanted to know what he did to get suspended lol. So let me know what you guys think :-). remember, whether you like it, hate it, whatever...just enjoy it and comment!

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