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Hangul ( A Way To Be LEARNED)

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(A/N: Idedicated this For All K-pop Lovers...  i hope it will be very Sufficient).... Kamsahamnida!!!!)


Let's Start!!!!

I give you first the short HISTORY OF HANGUL ok!!


  Hangeul was introduced under Sejong the Great and finished around 1444. Up until and even after that time, Chinese characters were used as the written language, limiting reading and writing to the royal and government elite. King Sejong wanted Korea to have its own script that could be easily learned by anyone -- even commoners. Koreans were also embarrassed by the fact that they had no writing system and were forced to use Chinese to write with. After its creation, Hangeul was said to be easy enough to learn that a wise man could finish it in the morning and a fool could finish it by night. For this reason there was opposition to Hangeul for a time by Korean aristocrats, believing only those of social superiority should have this special privilege.Ever since Hangeul was first introduced, it has gone through many phases of refinement. Korean went through a large reformation during the Japanese colonization in the early 1900's, removing many of the now-archaic letters and changing several rules.                                                                                                                           (Hangeul is considered easy to learn by many people because most of the similar shaped letters have a similar sound as well, making it easy to see the relationship and making it easy to memorize.)

Hangul ( A Way To Be LEARNED)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!