7 words per week (Superdotado) (1)

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7 words per week

When Roger Waters have a cold with hot fever

Don't be less slow with your leader

Just Bieber is just behind Floyd.

May weather be a gold digger?

'Cause January isn't my favourite journey, boy

It must be moonwalking in the Earth, with roastbeefs em-

U late in my party to simulate my psycho path

So eyesore, take a bath and clean your blood, Malfoy

'Cause I smeel microbes

They must be taking your life so fast

That I almost forget to talk about the sound of silence

I was saying hello to the darkness, man

The current cartoons turn me to be a violent

I still remember the greatness of Four Arms

There is a plot behind so much mayonnaise

Echo Echo, shut the fuck up

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