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Chapter one:

I sliced the skin feeling nothing but guilty plessure. I watched the blood fall and takes on it's former shape. My tree house was full of blood stains as my wrist were full of scares. My blue eyes meet the new screaming blood as it driped. My pale arms felt joy. The bleeding didn't stop yet but it will sooner or later. I took my knife and carved joy into the wall with a talley next to the word. I slamed my back againts the wall and whispered "lost". a knock hit my door. "Japser! Jasper sweetie open up please!" It was my "sister" Cassie. At first I ignored her I really didn't want to talk to anyone not now. Till the knocking got louder and harder. "JASPER SHAY CANZE!" Cassie yelled.

I ran towards the door. "Go away Cassie!" I howlered. I heard her walk away. "No use mom the door is locked." she told my "mom". I layed on the floor I wanted to cry. Why did they care so much my real mother didn't care! That's why they gave me away that's why I'm adopted. Man I hate me life. I know beging of the story and I am in a mager depersion. I stayed in my tree house for a while and let my self bleed a little longer then I unlocked the door and went inside.

My house was small and as soon as you walk in through the back your in the living room. The rug warmed my feet after my d.c's got socked in snow. I took off my big plade winter coat off and put in the closet. When I closed the door I was face to face with Cassie. Cassie has dirty blonde hair that had big curls she was wearing a evry dressy black gown and black eyeliner. Her hazel eyes meet my bright blue ones. "Jasper! We are going out to dinner with family and you look like you are going to school."Cassie was a fashion queen but also the capitain of any girl sports team.

"I don't what the problem is... I look fine." I didn't raise my voice even though i wanted to. "What ever just get changed!" She didn't even listen to me. I really wasn't in the mood to fight with her right now. So I ran upstairs and into my room. Here is my question why dont they make like pretty long sleeve dresses?? i found a white dress what comes down to my knees and comes with a jean jacket. I put that on fast I didn't want to change my gray skinny jeans and sweater sounded fine to me! But I didn't care i through on my jacket and ran to the bath room. Luckly while i was cutting everyone eles was getting ready. After I was done I ran down staires.

"Honey don't hunch you look inpoilet." My mother told me as she walked out the door. I fixed my stands and entered out side. "Mommy mommy it's soooo cold!!" Lizzy yelled she is in 2nd grade and looks just like cassie. She was breathing along with Ray a 3rd grader really hard to see her breath. I jumped into the van you think with 10 kids it would smell like shit right? It smelled like roses something I hate. Well the thorns I don't mind. I sloched in the back row along with Cassie Nikki Damien Mike and Annie. Then in the front row Maggie Stevie Ray Lizzy and little Joey. All of them with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. It felt good to let go of some steam when my fore head meat the frozen window.

"Jasper you know basketball try outs are in two days and you put in your sport physical you should try out!!" Cassie was not good at whispeing. "Cassie.... just... just no! I only did that to shut mom up kay." I looked at her than to the window. "Ohhh Jasp that sounds like fun! You are great at sports you should try out!" My momther told me. I can't belive it no matter how many times I said no they said yes. "Also we are trying out with the boys maybe... you will see... Hayden." Cassie told me. I wanted to punch her in the trought everyone knew I liked Hayden scene the 4th grade.

"Don't worry Jasp Hayden isn't trying out this year he is working mostly on his band for the talent show." Damien reashured me. Damien and Hayden have been best friends scene 1st grade so I guess I could count on him. My sister Nikki who is in 12th smiled at me. Here is everyone grade order 12th nikki 11th damien 10th Cassie and I 9th Mike 8th Annie 7th Maggie 6th Stevie 3 Ray 2 Lizzy and 1st Joey. Good "family". My phone vibrated and I took it off my lap.

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