13 Reasons to... (I don't know 7u7)

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So NightWarricr tagged me in this and apparently I can't refuse so let's start shall we!

1. People often think I'm homosexual IRL, truth is that I don't know why, I haven't been in love with a man in my life!
2. I think most of my followers think that I'm a girl, I'm a boy!
3. I've been writing for about 3 years!
4. I have a dog :3
5. Apart from writing, I love videogames and drawing!
(I don't know what else to put!)
6. I fell in Love Live because of an accident at typing and Nico showed up in the search!
7. I watched Love Live Sunshine because I didn't have any other things to watch, then I loved it but I'm more with Muse!
8. My favorite animes are Love Live (pretty obvious I know), K-on!, Sword Art Online, The Fruit of the Grisaia and Steins,Gate.
9. I hate Kimi no Iru Machi and White Album 2! Don't get me wrong the characters were alright except that I hate the plot and the ending!
10. I think everyone starts in anime with a very known one like Death Note, Mirai Nikki or any other, I started in a harem not well known anime called Omamoru Himari, not gonna trust in someone recommending me an anime again!
11. I've been playing videogames since I have memories!
12. The first oneshot I wrote, Hanamaru x Male! Teacher! Reader was ready three months before realising it!
13. I started in Wattpad because I was seated on my bed with nothing to do and said: 'What could possibly be wrong?' And grabed my laptop, made the cover and published it. P.D, the messages at every oneshot, you know the teachings and thoughts, were supposed to be exclusive for the Male! Teacher! One but I like them and added them in all the oneshots!

That's it! This was more difficult than writing! Anyways, time to tag and I don't know who will be, I'm going to grab the @ and just tag whoever gets lucky! :3



P.D2; I don't even know if someone has already been tagged!
Anyways, it will be all!
Now, after a little interuption, see you on the next oneshot!

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