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Natsu Dragneel
Gildarts and I walked back to my room. He ended hearing my conversation with she-who-must-not-be-named. Every now and then he would let out a giggle, but I would send him a death glare and he would stop.

"Makarov and Igneel are already in there and Zeref is on his way." I was kind of mad at Zeref for his behavior towards Lucy, but he is good crime solver...... but Lucy is better. SUCK IT ZEREF!

"Sting did leave a trail, but it was untraceable outside. Luckily you got a good shot. He can't be far." Gildarts said while opening the door to what we call 'The War Room'. It's basically a room where we plan murd-dangerous things. Let's just say that trying to take Lucy, a very smart and talented girl and beauti-, declared war (even though we have been at war for decades, this was an all time low for them).

"Natsu. We have Sting's 'who-knows-how-this-works' thing." Gramps said while throwing Sting's weird device thingy.

"It looks like something from Star Wars.... ALIENS! THEY ARE ALIENS! BOOM! SLOVED IT!" Gildarts said ecstatically while looking at the thingy.

"BRILLIANT! I knew that they were too weird and ugly to be from Earth." I said while scratching my chin in a detective like way. Of course Gildarts and I were joking, even though it was TOTALLY correct!

"You-I-Why me?" We all turned to the doorway and say Zeref. He was rubbing his temple at our nonexistent 'stupidity'. What?! It's the ONLY explanation....... right?

"Could you for once be serious?! They have newer and better technology AND they know about What's-Her-Face." Zeref said, crossing his arms. Unfortunately for him, he pissed me off.

I marched up to him and punched him across the face. "HER NAME IS LUCY AND YOU WILL APOLOGIZE TO HER DAMN IT! YOU AND I ARE ALREADY ON A TIGHTROPE BUT ITS ABOUT TO FREAKING SNAP!" I screamed. Gildarts and Igneel had to pull me back before I ripped his smug face off.

"SETTLE DOWN! We have more important things to do than fight!" Gramps said while slamming his hands on the table. We all knew he was right, so we took our seats.

"Thank you. Now Sting's trail lead to the main road. From there it gets a bit harder because he most likely found away to stop the bleeding, but it's not impossible to track him. There were sightings and videos of him going east. We have teams already out there." Gramps said while stroking his bushy, monopoly man mustache.

"Unfortunately that's not our main concern. They know where we are. So that means we have a stinking rat." Igneel said with deep consideration. We have never been found, and I mean never. It's impossible to see up from above and the ONLY entrance is the road that has so much equipment that one of our own almost died.... we are a bit too secure.... but stupid enough for a girl to run out of her.

"None of the guards were injured, and there was no way for anyone to sneak past 50+ guards. There has to be a rat." I stated, my interests were peaked and I was ready to unleash hell.

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