Mami’s hands impatiently tapped the top of the wooden desk while her teeth sunk into the soft skin of her inner lip. Her eyes were looking towards the ceiling, focusing on the clock just above the blackboard. The clock that moved at a pace that Mami felt was slower than a snail. All the blonde wanted was for break to be called so she could find the others and figure out if they knew the whereabouts of Haruna. Or if they simply knew anything about her at all.

It had been two days since Rina had made what could have been the biggest mistake of her life and no one had seen Haruna still. Mami knew the boss’ suspension would be up in a few days but she also knew how Madoka was. If the police did pay them a visit, was Madoka really going to let Haruna return to school? Mami silently prayed that she would but she was also scared of what she’d see in Haruna when she did return.

It didn’t matter to Mami though. The blonde simply wanted to see her best friend; she simply wanted to know if Haruna was safe or not. Not knowing the condition Haruna was in was slowly eating away at Mami inside.

The bell surprised Mami when it rang even though she had been impatiently waiting for it. She had been going in and out of her thoughts so much that she hadn’t actually expected the bell when it came. When she heard it, Mami pushed herself out of her seat and grabbed her bag. She didn’t need to put anything away like the other students did, it’s not as if Mami had actually pulled out any of her textbooks or work like the teacher had instructed.

She quickly made her way out of the classroom, ignoring the teacher’s last words to the class. She swerved between the students departing their own respective classrooms, noticing Tomomi coming out of her own that was not too far from her classroom.

“Come on, Tomo,” Mami practically ordered her as she passed. The brunette in question jumped and her eyes darted around. Tomomi still wasn’t used to the girls being so forward about knowing her at school even if it had been some time since her secret got out to everyone.

“Wait for me!” Tomomi called as she jogged to catch up with the blonde who was walking at a pace that told Tomomi clearly how upset she was. Tomomi didn’t dare ask Mami what was wrong but she didn’t need to. She had been filled in on enough from Mami’s outburst at her house that Mami was still obviously upset about what Rina had done even if she didn’t really understand why it upset Mami the way it did.

She silently followed the blonde who pushed through other students, a small red tint to Tomomi’s face as Mami did so. She was used to seeing Mami be so forward about her behavior at school but she wasn’t so used to being a part of that forward behavior. She still wasn’t used to everyone knowing her secret.

The girls continued to walk until Tomomi noticed the others huddled in a small group, pressed against a set of lockers. Mami stopped just in front of them, causing the others to turn to look at her with a confused expression. In the middle of the group was Rina, her bag clutched tightly against her chest and her eyes looking down at the floor. Tomomi couldn’t lie when she said it surprised her how quickly the life had drained from Rina after that day. She had no idea what Mami said to Rina when she left but whatever she had said had definitely gotten to Rina. The others had noticed it as well but unlike Tomomi, they didn’t have a single clue as to why Rina was so obviously upset.

Mami sighed softly, stepping forward and pushing through the others. She wrapped an arm around Rina’s shoulders, rubbing the younger girl’s arm gently. Mami was quick to let Rina go though, not wanting to attract any attention to them at the moment. She looked up, her harsh eyes connecting with those of the others, even Tomomi’s as she slinked to the back of the group, attempting to hide behind Aina.

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