Chapter 2

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"What do you mean, quit drumming?" I was so confused. If he really thought that he would push me around and tell me to stop something I love, he'd be damn crazy.

"You don't belong here anyway. You should just  go back to China and stuff your face with noodles. This band is far to difficult for a little girl like you."

Ouch. That hurt a little bit. Why was he being such an ass? What did I do? I wasn't going to let this little pip squeak get the best of me. So I started drumming. I drummed and drummed trying to impress Yoongi. My blisters on my hands started hurting. I look down at my hands, getting into the music. When I look up Yoongi was gone. 

"You little piece of shit." I said under my breath. I got up from my seat and walked over to the band closet to grab another set of sticks. I flip on the light and jump in horror. 

"Surprise!" said a very cheerful voice.

"Taehyung? What are you doing in here? Did you hear me playing?" 

"Nah, it's crazy actually. I came in here to get my clarinet and then the band room door shut. I was locked in actually. I kept beating on the door but no one heard me." Taehyung gave off a little laugh and continued, "It's okay though, I am finally here with my little Minji." Taehyung squeezes my cheeks and makes a funny face.

Taehyung and I have been best friends ever since we can remember. After I moved to China, we lost contact for awhile. Then one day I video call him and I tell him that I will be returning to Korea. I don't think I've ever seen him so happy.

I grabbed my sticks and Tae and I both left the band room. I turned out the lights and shut the door behind me. 

"So how much did you practice today? I see you had to reapply your band-aids again. You know, you should really give yourself a break. I hate seeing you like this. You're gonna mess up your hands, Minji." Taehyung stops at my locker so I can get my bag.

"What do you mean? I am fine. I just have a couple of bleeding blisters on my hands. It's all good." I look up and smile at Tae. He didn't smile back.

"Can you at least wear gloves to cover it? I hate looking at them."

"You saying I have ugly hands? Pfft, I have beautiful hands, strong power thank you." I open my locker and a piece of paper falls out.

"What's that? A love note?" Taehyung asks in a questionable tone.

"Why? You jealous?"

"Pfft, no."

"Meet me in the band room after school tomorrow. -AD"

"Who the hell is AD?" Taehyung said as he took the paper out of my hand.

"Guess I'll find out tomorrow."

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