Author's Note :)

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 Sharmi, this book is for you ;)

Hey :D 

So I'm back with a new story.

And also a new GENRE! 

The idea just struck me, and I was able to develope it into a plot. 

Hope you enjoy it. 

Since it's about dark stuff, and I'm writing a story like this for the first time, I would really appreciate criticism, and ways to make it better.


I assure you that it's gonna be a different journey ;)

It takes up quite a lot of time to think of each chapter, cause I don't want to make crabby chapters. Also, as of now, I've decided to make the story within ten parts.

Could REALLY do with a lot of encouragement. It's SO difficult writing this! So plesae comment and vote!!!

Get started!! :D 


Thank you so much for the suggestions, @guardedsoul. My improvised prologue is all thanks to you! :)

Need covers? Go to @Angie627 :)


And so, what do you think? :D How'd you like it? ;)

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